"We the People" Campaign Attracts Attention

Today, the Portland Tribune has a story detailing the efforts of Oregonian Adam Klugman to produce his "We the People" campaign for the Democratic Party. We've previously run a mock-up of the ad spot along with a piece from Klugman here at BlueOregon.

Today, Adam Klugman, 44, makes his home in West Linn and runs a two-person advertising shop called Progressive Media Agency from a modish studio space on Northeast Broadway.

Now Klugman — who also has a sharply funny streak — hopes to capture the hearts and minds of TV viewers across the nation in a big way. Not in comedy, like his father [actor Jack Klugman], but in politics, another area he’s passionate about.

Klugman is working to produce a 90-second video spot he hopes will be used on television as the branding campaign for the National Democratic Party.

It’s called “We the People,” and although still in rough form, it’s quickly gaining traction on YouTube and in political circles as party leaders endorse it.

He calls it an anthem, a song to lift people up. Rather than deal with policy, it’s a montage of everyday people — teachers, farmers, moms, paramedics, pastors — who are issuing a call to progressives to fight for their values and work toward a common vision.

The campaign is gaining momentum with Democratic leaders around the country:

Klugman has summed up the fighting words with six verbs: think, speak, stand, create, believe, engage.

“These are the words that move people,” he said. “Just like ‘Call today,’ ” the words he put on the screen for a commercial for 1-800-Dentist, a client he had years ago, before he switched his focus to political advertising.

“When people watch TV, they’re in high states of receptivity,” explained Klugman, having written and edited commercials for 15 years. “It’s very passive. You shut down your thinking. … I thought, ‘What would be the political application of that? What if we took that and motivated people to care?’ ”

He’s already gathered a wide circle of support. Klugman first presented his campaign at the 2006 Democratic Party of Oregon conference in Eugene, and then was invited to present it at the Association of State Democratic Chairs meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Nearly all in attendance — 33 party leaders from 22 states — signed letters of support for the grass-roots campaign, saying they’d like to see it used to help define the Democratic party during the 2008 elections.

Read the rest. Discuss.

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    I remember when we saw the mockup of this at the state convention last year. It was one of the best things I'd ever seen.

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    I'm glad Adam Klugman writes better than Jennifer Anderson. Snideness aside, Adam's branding campaign would do Democrats and progressive issues a world of good. Put money into it, DNC!!!

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)

    When the Democratic Party uses a disgraced and disgraceful general as a party spokesman we must hope that Klugman's work will help divert more influence towards the progressives in the party and away from the oligarchs who appear to have no problems with a man many consider a war criminal. Failing a change in direction, perhaps Klugman should consider supporting an independent party with Kucinich as its candidate.

  • Chuck Butcher (unverified)

    I've noted before how much I liked the mock-up. I really do hope it runs, it works. The Republicans have nothing that's in the same league.

  • JohnH (unverified)

    It's a slick message. But will it register at all on the money addled brains of elected leaders, Democrats included?

  • kNOw_ONE (unverified)

    As Jacques Ellul noted, propaganda is necessary for a culture to spread its message. Let us hope that in a culture addicted to empty, yet fast & digestible, messages klugman and the rest of the progressives idea spreaders can get the people to care.

    and barring that lt us hope that they can get the people to vote for those that don't just want to rape and pillage the land and people of all value.

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    Propaganda has been the weakest component of our arsenal for way too long. And this is good stuff. I hope that national takes a crack at producing it.

    It seems like we're often a little bit ashamed to grab right on to propaganda and get to work, because progressives like to think, and we have a hard time relating to people who consciously cede that job to authoritarian figures both religious and secular.

    The big brains that lead them are happy to create entire artifical terror ridden worlds where a whole assortment of enemies lie in wait to drag down the faithful if they dare to waver. The least we can do is be professionals and learn from the advertising industry. They have some of the best moves on the planet.

  • raul (unverified)

    Why can't I get excited about a stinking commercial? Is this what we are going to be betting on? Will this commercial, were it funded and aired on every network, really make a difference, or just be another annoying commercial?

    I appreciated the message ( I did watch the clip ) but in such desperate and dangerous times, is this the best we can do? Buy adspace ?
    Most contributing to this forum are even openly calling this clip propaganda. Is it intended to change a Republicans mind? Or the mind of an Independent voter?
    Someone enlighten me here.
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