All hail Kevin Boss, the Pride of Philomath!

Kevinboss_3One year ago, Kevin Boss was the relatively unknown star tight end at Western Oregon University, out of Philomath High School. He had graduated in December 2006 with a degree in phys. ed. and had been named a second-team All-American in Division II college football.

Today, he's a rising NFL superstar - catching a 45-yard pass in the fourth quarter to set up the first New York Giants touchdown, on their way to a stunning upset of the New England Patriots.

From the O:

The big play came about after the offense had been struggling much of the game. According to Boss, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride noticed that New England safety Rodney Harrison had been cheating up to the line of scrimmage. So a play was drawn up on the sideline to put Boss in motion so he couldn't get jammed at the line of scrimmage and then have him run a seam route down the middle.

"And it worked out perfect," Boss said.

It was not only a redeeming moment for Boss, who dropped a pass in the first quarter, the reception helped ignite the team's offense in the fourth quarter, according to Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

"We finally got some big plays in the fourth quarter with Kevin Boss on the seam route down the middle of the field for a big play," he said. "We finally got something going to get some momentum."


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    Uggh. The damned Giants beat me Packers and are now forever my nemeses. But it's nice for Philomath.

  • Pat Malach (unverified)

    Boss has been making some big plays for a rookie drafted in the sixth round (there was one?)

    And never fear, Jeff, the Pack will be back.

    My uncle and cousin have season tickets at Lambeau. They say Favre will be back, too.

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    It was no jump-ball catch with one hand and a helmet (wow!), but it's good news for Timber Town.

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    As a student Senator at Western Oregon University, a resolution congratulating Kevin will most likely be authored, if any of you would wish to have your names put on it as co-sponsors please feel free to email me at [email protected]

    It was a very exciting game! Campus should be very lively this week.

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    I was excited as anyone--but "rising superstar?" He's the backup TE to Jeremy Shockey, and will be in week one of next year, too...

  • Relieved (unverified)


    Congrats to the Giants - for winning with grit and keeping pretty boy Brady on his heels and in the dirt.

    Mostly, I'm glad that Belichek lost who is the Karl Rove of the NFL. The Patriots are a good team but their victories are forever tainted in my book.

    And then did anyone see him interviewed - classless.

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    you caught my principle reason for supporting the Gians yesterday. No's 2 and 3 are

    My wife's from Fushing Queens, and it's never a good idea to cross her and

    We always root for the underdongs unless (or usually even if) it's a Seahawks game.

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    oh man. No comment.

  • Kurt Chapman (unverified)

    tj, I am thinking that Shockey is trade bait. Many consider him a distraction on the giants roster. Contrary to other injured players who were down on the sideline; Jeremy and his casted leg were up in the suites sucking down adult beverages.

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    the Giants also had former Duck Reuben Drouhins on their team, which is always a cool thing.

    the better thing about the 2 Oregon-related champs: spring training is less than two weeks away!!

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