I'm feeling patriotic today

Leslie Carlson

For more information, visit the "We" campaign here. The ads should be appearing on a TV station near you soon.

Most interesting to me is news of an upcoming ad with--get this--Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson.

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    Awesome stuff. Let's get it done!

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    Also, here's the 60 Minutes piece on the campaign and Al Gore (good stuff)

  • Gil Johnson (unverified)

    What climate crisis? You mean the freakin' freezin' cold we've been suffering through for the past several months?

  • Tim Trickey (unverified)

    Climate change...

    On the list of my top priorities for "radical change" in the world, it's not very high.

    I can't imagine a more self-righteous, ego-massaging issue to get behind than "stopping global climate change!"

    With children dying all around the world from readily curable and preventable diseases, war and famine ravaging the African continent, and the destitute poverty that threatens the lives of so many people here and abroad, am I supposed to believe that this is the most pressing issue facing our planet today.

    Sure, we want to be good stewards of our planet, and I would never advocate for unfettered pollution or wasteful practices, but only the most advanced, Westernized nations of the world have the luxury of worrying about long-term problems like "global climate change".

    While so many people in American are obsessed with their "carbon footprint", a family in Guatemala or Uganda are suffering from lack of available food and clean drinking water.

    Both problems can only be fixed by the people's access to education, wealth, and technology. Frankly,that's not happening because the best and brightest minds of the scientific world are worried about a tenth-of-a-degree shift in the temperature of our planet!

    Let's re-think our priorities and make sure we don't step over the "trees" in our attempt to save the "forest".

    <h2>Humanity is our greatest resource, and to throw that responsibility aside in our quest to assuade our consciences is downright selfish.</h2>

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