Smith lobbyist fundraiser at Bandon Dunes cancelled

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GordonsmithmercedesThe biggest event on Gordon Smith's 2008 fundraising calendar was scheduled for this upcoming Saturday -- at the world-famous Bandon Dunes golf course. But now it seems that the well-dressed duffer has discovered a scheduling conflict. From Jeff Mapes:

But, apparently, the private jets won't be flocking to the nearby North Bend Airport next weekend, at least not for the Smith event. Smith's spokeswoman, Lindsay Gilbride, said by e-mail that the event was cancelled because of scheduling conflicts.

Yeah, right. A "scheduling conflict"? That all they could come up with? Seriously, the event's the highlight of his year - and it's an annual thing:

It looked like it could be quite an affair. For seven years, according to the invite, Smith has hosted a tournament at the golfing Mecca for his political action committee, Impact America.

Possible Explanation #1: He didn't want to be photographed hanging out with a bunch of special interest lobbyists. (Of course, his people say that's not the case...)

The PAC, which Smith has used to help his fellow Republican senators, does seem to attract a who's who of contributions from the Washington lobby, starting with America's Health Insurance Plans PAC to the Walt Disney Productions Employees PAC. ... Gilbride later said Smith wasn't worried about being seen on the links with a bunch of lobbyists raising money for other Senate Republicans.

Possible Explanation #2: It was a flop, and not enough big-money lobbyists RSVP'd. After all, what self-respecting corporate lobbyist wants to spend a weekend with a guy who spends his weekdays trying to impress liberal DC think-tanks with bizarre chit-chat about the rights of polygamists?

Possible Explanation #3: The lobbyists were cool - but his fellow Senators (who get pass-through donations from Smith's "Impact America") let it be known that THEY didn't want any money from Smith.

[And speaking of which, what the heck kinda name is "Impact America"? Is that the latest summer blockbuster asteroid disaster movie? Maybe a sequel?]

Possible Explanation #4: Gordon Smith just didn't want to endure more questions about his million-dollar putter. After all, rule number one of damage control is - when you're in a hole, stop digging.

Possible Explanation #5: This is all just a giant head-fake. Like the security team at a mega-celebrity wedding, the Smith team is waving off the press and the paparazzi. Anybody near Bandon want to visit the golf course to check it out? Don't forget your video camera...

Possible Explanation #6:Or maybe, just maybe, there really was a scheduling conflict. Your job, my fellow BlueOregonians, is to figure out where Gordon Smith is on Saturday. What could possibly have come up at the not-exactly-last minute?

Of course, leave it to DPO Chair Meredith Wood Smith to ask the most important question - over at

The real question is, is he still going to cash in those $5,000 checks from the scheduled attendees?

Good question, Meredith. Good question.

  • Ryan (unverified)

    Impact means something very fitting to those in health care.

  • Don (unverified)

    Some slightly modified lyrics for Smith:

    "One singular sensation Every little step he takes. One thrilling combination Every move that he makes. One smile and suddenly everybody else will do; You know you'll never be lonely with you know who (because he's no different than Dubya too) One moment in his presence And you can forget the rest. For the guy is second best To everyone,"

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    Kari, you're just a cynical liberal. Your failure to accept Gordo at his word is the kind of unpatriotic carping that has weakened this fine nation of ours. The next thing you'll be suggesting is that he really wasn't "the first to stand up to George Bush and other Republicans to end this war."

  • Gregor (unverified)

    Mr. Allworth:

    It is precisely your post that is the hallmark of the present catastrophic presidency. Question nothing. Attack anyone who has a question. In a democratic society, questioning is patriotic. It is exactly that ability that seperates us from a totalitarian society. And I would suggest it is also that ability that makes us great. Rather then sit silently and settle for whatever crap is passed down, we feel there is no up or down, but we are all created equal and therefore we can question and by doing so improve the situation.

    What underscores your post is also the beginning. No doubt your remark that Kari was "just a cynical liberal" was meant as an insult. Or why the "just"? Frankly, I consider that a compliment and I agree, Kari, you're a cynical liberal and this country needs more of them to bravely raise their voices.

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    Gregor.... I trust that Jeff is being sarcastic/ironic. Maybe he should have raised his hand as a signal.

  • Gregor (unverified)

    It might have helped. I'm just a disconnected blogger who's extremely irritated by how the 4th Reich has gained so much power. I'm very hopeful the Dems will retake the White House, and eager to see this country take a different direction. But perpetuating the Reich's talking points keeps those points alive. For instance, I recently decided I would no longer admit someone like Karl Rove was an evil genius. A real genius knows better then to be destructive. Being destructive is just plain evil, so that's all the "credit" I'm willing to give Karl.

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    Sorry, yeah, that was supposed to be thick with sarcasm. Sometimes I forget that anyone can take a position like that in seriousness.

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    The <bold>REAL</bold> reason Smith cancelled the event: Dubya called him, told him that playing golf during a wartime time is unpatriotical, see, sends the wrong message to the troops, see, emboldenates the enemy.

    Now watch this drive!

  • Matthew Sutton (unverified)

    Perhaps the reason is that he was too busy working on his curious new ad associating himself with Barack Obama and Gov. Kulongoski. Sign of desperation or recognition of change in the air?

    The Obama campaign quickly set the record straight:

    “Barack Obama has a long record of bipartisan accomplishment and we appreciate that it is respected by his Democratic and Republican colleagues in the Senate. But in this race, Oregonians should know that Barack Obama supports Jeff Merkley for Senate. Merkley will help Obama bring about the fundamental change we need in Washington,” said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

  • Dulcinea (unverified)

    Kari -- I'm going to have to start calling you Don Quixote if we continue on this farcical journey of yours. If you could leave the fiction to Cervantes and go back to writing on elections that don't involve your clients, I think it would make for a better, less dogmatic, and certainly less illusionary web site.

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    Seeing as there is only one progressive running for the U.S. Senate seat in Oregon this November, it doesn't take much common sense to realize that of course this site is going to discuss Jeff Merkley as well as Gordon Smith. This site will discuss a lot of races where Kari has clients - and some where I have clients. No big surprise there, since this site is about discussing progressive politics and some of the biggest stories are going to revolve around candidates and their opponents.

    This site isn't here to be nice to Republicans - we're going to be critical of them, talk about rumors, etc. It is all about being around the "progressive water cooler" after all. And this is exactly the kind of thing that would be discussed around a real water cooler.

  • Dulcinea (unverified)

    Blue Oregon blurs the line between tabloid and water cooler with this this type of coverage. What compounds the problem is that Kari uses this water cooler as a forum to peddle propaganda in his clients favor. Imagine if this was a discussion on the merits of different types of soda instead of politicians and I was hammering Pepsi all day. If you knew I worked for Coke, you'd probably want me to shut up.

    Just saying...

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    Actually, that's not a good analogy - that makes it appear that you'd ever be pro-Pepsi, which you wouldn't since this would be an anti-Pepsi site/pro-Coke site. On a pro-Coke site, you wouldn't care if someone who was bashing the opposition was working for the one you support.

    Water cooler talk gets into rumor, discussions about why something could be, etc. No one ever said it had to be all news and 100% based in fact - sometimes you're discussing about your thoughts on why something is happening (or not happening).

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    Dulcinea, I wonder if you post similar commentaries on Republican-oriented local websites in their versions of "tabloidism"? 'Cause it's certainly there.

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    Dulcinea -- Say hi to Gordon for me when you see him at the staff meeting!

    For the record, I've been beating up on Gordon Smith for years.... long before anyone I knew was even thinking of running against him.

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    Kari, I'm disturbed that you use a blog to peddle your curiously partisan attacks against a sitting Senator. A blog is no place for opinion or advocacy . I voice this concern out of pure altruism for the mission of the site and, frankly, your standing as a blogger. Please join me in lauding Gordon Smith for an exlemplary, unstained two terms as the finest Senator in Oregon's history.

    <h2>[More sarcasm, this time directed at the "concern" tendered generously by Dulcinea.]</h2>

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