In a stunning upset, the Oregon State Beavers outplayed the vaunted, #1-ranked USC Trojans last night in Corvallis, 27-21.  Rodgers This is the same Trojan team who embarrassed then-fifth ranked Ohio State two weeks ago.  But in Reser Stadium, it was the Beavers who made plays, forced USC into mistakes, and played with more grit and desire.

[OSU running back] Jacquizz Rodgers, continually squirming out of the grasp of the huge USC defensive line, tore up the Trojans' defense for a career-high 186 yards on 37 carries and scored two touchdowns....

The Beavers (2-2, 1-1 Pacific 10 Conference) jumped on USC early and then dominated, taking a shocking 21-0 halftime lead as Rodgers - darting and dancing like his hero Barry Sanders - ran for 117 yards on 21 carries.

USC coach Pete Carroll could only tip his hat to the mighty Beavs:

"They didn't hide what they were doing, they just did it and we couldn't stop them," Carroll said. "We couldn't tackle them. Our inability to stop the Rodgers zone play, I'm just beside myself. We weren't ready to do what we needed to do."

Way to go, OSU!

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    As a pre-emptive strike to those of you who hate football, please leave the comments of complaint aside. Whenever a major sports-related event happens in Oregon, we put up a post. Lots of us progressives are sports fans (and alumni), and one post out of the forty we'll have this week isn't the end of the world. Don't like, it, skip to the next post.

    And to Kari, proud alum of that other team--sorry! You boys really shouldn't keep coming to Corvallis.

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    I always love to see USC beat by any other PAC 10 team, but when it is a true underdog like OSU it is even sweeter.

    In addition, the Beavs have been a team that is composed of people that were not high on the recruiting lists for other teams, that don't have the Phil Knight extravaganza dollars, and don't seem to have the criminal element that shows up on many college teams. A truly glorious victory for the good guys.

  • Elizabeth (unverified)

    This is a BIG DEAL!! I'm a Duck all the way, and I feel a slight pang of jealousy that it couldn't have been my team, but holy cow!

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    I was there. An extraordinary game. The OSU fans were friendly and polite to the small handful of us in cardinal and gold.

  • Eric Parker (unverified)

    Shouldn't the headline read: "Beavers 'pop' Trojans"?

  • mp97303 (unverified)

    Rest assured Beaver believers, your crew will no doubt loose to Utah and WSU. That is the trend, win the game no one expects and loose the easy ones.

    Great job w/ the trojans, but next week is another week.

  • riverat (unverified)

    The headline should be "Trojans can't pass Quizz". What an incredible performance. The Beavs got a lot of national attention last night. Barring critical injuries they should have a great rest of the season.

    I was at the '67 game but this one was sweeter. I went to high school with 'Riles' and he's the same guy now as he was back then. I love how his teams always seem to get better throughout the season.

    I feel a bit sorry for the Ducks. They get USC next week in LA. I don't think the Trojans will be in a good mood about the state of Oregon.

  • Kurt Chapman (unverified)

    So, when I dropped my Freshman son at Wetherford Hall Tuesday all I said was, "Don't embarrass your grandpa at the game Thursday night". Who was front and center scaling the wall to get to the field? Yep, dear son and one of his good buddies. Way to go Beavs!

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    Given the Trojans' failures in Corvallis, I suggest a switch to the withdrawal method...

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    Torrid Joe - That comment made me laugh out loud, thank you.

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