Further Sunday Night Observations

Jeff Alworth

In no particular order...

That is all.

Case-Shiller, preferred by economists, does not do a state-by-state breakdown.

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Gallup gives final election prediction poll: Obama 55%- McCain 44%


    PPP has final battleground state polls this evening breaking strongly for Obama.

    ABC/WaPo- 54-43 CBS/NY Times- 54-41

    Looking good!

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Jeff, An update on Oregon numbers as of the Fri. evening. http://www.loadedorygun.net/showDiary.do?diaryId=1451

    48% of ballots returned. Dems have returned 55% of theirs, Rs have returned 48% of theirs.

  • Gregor (unverified)

    Voting for Obama is easy. Getting Gordon gone was more of a challenge. I'm retaining my hope with great audacity we have Obama in the White House and Merkely in the Senate. It's going to take a while to get the US back on track.

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    Early Monday update, fresh from the Director's office!

    Bottom line--54% in so far, GOP right at the statewide average of 54%...but Dems at 61%, still holding onto a 7% gap. And because of the reg edge, Dems have turned in 49% of all ballots, Republicans just 32%. It could get ugly!

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    TJ, you rock. Good man--

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    Thanks Jeff--but the people who truly rock are Lindback and his elections team, for compiling and disseminating the info, busy as they are.

    <h2>Afternoon update is promised!</h2>

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