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GoldendotEarlier today, the Institute for Politics, Democracy, & the Internet at George Washington University announced the 2009 winners of the Golden Dot award. The Golden Dot for Best State or Local Political Blog was awarded to BlueOregon.

Among other winners, the Barack Obama campaign swept the awards with nine winners - including best federal website, best techology impact moment, best txt msg campaign, etc. (Full list in the comments.)

Our fourth year, 2008 was a big year for BlueOregon. Over the course of the year, we had 2061 posts from 44 individual contributors, plus 179 guest columns. We averaged roughly 245,000 pageviews every month – and had approximately 47,000 unique readers each month.

Along with everything else, we were ground zero for much of the debate in the U.S. Senate race - both in the primary and the general election campaigns.

At the 2008 Democratic Convention, BlueOregon was the official credentialed state blog for Oregon. Two our editors were there blogging, two of our contributors were delegates, and roughly a dozen of our regular commenters were as well. So, we rolled out a combined BlueOregon Twitter feed, live from Denver – and earned lots of great feedback from our readers about the live reactions from inside the convention hall and out on the town.

On a personal note: I seem to get a lot of the credit (and blame) for BlueOregon. But this blog would simply not be possible without the very active participation of my three co-editors - Jeff Alworth, Karol Collymore, and Charlie Burr - as well as the two people who were BlueOregon Fellows in 2008: Nick Wirth and Carla Axtman. I should also thank the many people who have been regular contributors and guest columnists -- as well as the hundreds of commenters and thousands of readers who visit every day. We couldn't (and wouldn't) do this without you.

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    Here's the announcement from the IPDI:

    IPDI wishes to congratulate the winners for their excellence in 2008.

    Technology Impact Moment of the Year- Republican – Yes on Prop. 8

    Technology Impact Moment of the Year- Democrat- The Obama Campaign’s announcement of Senator Joe Biden for Vice President

    Online Politician-of-the-year Democrat - Barack Obama

    Online Politician-of-the-year Republican- Ron Paul

    Most Networked Campaign- Democrat- Barack Obama

    Most Networked Campaign-Republican- Ron Paul

    Outstanding Online Campaign- National- Barack Obama

    Outstanding Online Campaign- State or Local- Yes on Prop. 8

    Best Website-Federal Candidate- Barack Obama

    Best Website- Issue Advocacy- The Pickens Plan Campaign

    Best Blog- State or Local Politics- Blue Oregon

    Best Blog-National Politics- Tech Republican

    Best Blog- Candidate for Local, State or Federal office- McCainBlogette

    Best Blog-Issues Advocacy- Wal-Mart Watch

    Best Mobil/Text Message Campaign- Barack Obama

    Best Vlog- James Kotecki

    Best Web Video-Supporter Created- Barack Obama- “Yes we Can”

    Best Web Video-Campaign- John McCain- “The One”

    Best Animation or Mash-up- Vote Report/Inauguration Report

    Best Online Game- Dress Like a Palin

    Best Online Campaign- Barack Obama

    Best Online Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign- Obama for America- Neighbor to Neighbor

    Best Online Advertizing Campaign- Yes on Prop. 8

  • C. Mitchell (unverified)

    Blue Oregon?? Really? No offense, but the comment format is really inadequate. Its harder to see who is responding to whom than on other sites.

  • Sweet Pea McGilliycuddy (unverified)

    Well done.

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    I'd like to thank the academy ...

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    Congratulations, Kari & team!

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Congrats, Kari! But do we have to have the place slimed by the wingnut trolls every other post? There needs to be a limit on the spamming.

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    Go Blue Oregon! That's great news.

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    Here's to continued dedication to excellence and reporting on matters most profound to Oregonians and the Nation.

    Well done all.

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    I think it's a little silly to call a watercooler blog the best state politics blog. What about My Left Nutmeg, Raising Kaine, Burnt Orange Report and several others that endeavor for journalism and direct action? It's kind if like picking HuffPost over TalkingPointsMemo--HP is a fun read, is on top of new stories and supports lots of voices--but it doesn't do its own reporting or serial research. (Although now they're geting an ivestigative arm, which is great.)

    Different views on criteria I guess. Congrats on the notation.

  • YoungOregonMoonbat (unverified)

    Where is NW Republican on that list? Oh wait, they are not! LOL!


    4 losers for you Teddie boy because 2006 and 2008 were just the beginning. You have far more more rejections of your extremist values, beliefs and policy positions to come in 2010 and well into the 2020s.

    Like Degeneration X said, "Suck it!"

    Oh yeah, I saw today's post on Oregon being the unhappiest state in the USA.

    Great job being 2 months late on that one bitty boy. Just one more example of how much out of the loop you are.

  • Mike (unverified)

    Good for Blue Oregon on the recognition.

    I hope the new visitors who come over to check things out are not put off by the sophomoric comments of the last few days.

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    Congrats! Well deserved!

  • Tyrannocaster (unverified)

    Uh, better than Mudflats?

  • Galen Barnett (unverified)

    Congratulations, Kari and company.

  • mlw (unverified)

    Congratulations, Kari and Co!

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    TJ, you're right that we don't do original reporting, but is that actually the standard? Kari's stats don't tell the full picture. We try to create an environment where the people who influence and make laws can join in a forum with other progressives. Before BlueOregon, there really wasn't a forum like that (though of course, there are more now--nod in your direction). There are sites that provide news, and we depend on them. But what BlueO does is critical in a democracy, too.

    I wouldn't argue against other state blogs--there are a number that are fantastic. But I don't think BlueO's chopped liver, either.

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    Team BlueOregon - you rock. Congrats!

    And I'd argue there is some original reporting going on - Carla's work on the Metolius, for example.

    If you ever need someone to represent you and live-blog from the Blazers games, let me know...

  • mirc (unverified)

    very good

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    TJ, you're right that we don't do original reporting,

    Um....some of us do.

  • LeLo (unverified)

    Carla! Karol! Kari! et al......Congratulations on a very honorable award and recognition. Your diligent work, even when others have harped against every word, is recognized! You deserve it. Kudos to you.

  • Bill McDonald (unverified)

    Great news - congratulations. I've read Blue Oregon for a while. I love it when Kari has that bemused, "Can you believe this is happening?" vibe and I think Carla put you over the top. The sad part is that we're still just beginning to heal the wounds inflicted by the Bush years. And another bunch of right wing zealots is stepping forth to join the old tired voices trying to rewrite history and avoid responsibility for what they've done.

     It's childish really. They're actually outraged and furious at the damage they just did to this country and their response is to throw tantrums and blame everybody else.
       So raise a glass, make a toast, then get back to work. I hope we all live long enough to see the Bush years stop hurting America.
  • Aileen Kaye (unverified)

    Congrat's! Kudo's, also, to our fabulous morning crew at KPOJ who introduced BlueOregon to many of us.

  • Frank (unverified)

    Congratulations. Especially considering you had to beat off the challenge of the greatest gift to the state political coverage scene since George Wallace left Montgomery, AK Muckraker's coverage of Sarah Palin...

    "...The “Good Friday Surprise Guest” on Eddie Burke’s radio show was none other than the governor herself. Eddie Burke has the #1 rated talk show in the Anchorage area on KBYR 700AM, and is the one who called the women who attended the “Alaska Women Reject Sarah Palin” rally “a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots” and then gave out their names and home phone numbers on the air, resulting in threatening phone calls. Who could have imagined THAT would happen..."

  • uk hosting (unverified)

    congrats to Karl and the team. Keep up the great work and hope BlueOregon reaches for the stars

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    YAY everyone who contributes, reads, and even snarks (TorridJoe). It's great to be a winner.

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    TJ:Remember what I taught you as a wee one. We don't give backhanded compliments. Bad form. Just because I told your brother that he was smart, handsome and strong doesn't mean I don't love you too.

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    A toast to Blue Oregon for the best water cooler ever. Team BlueOregon, you're the best!

  • Buckman Res (unverified)

    In spite of the pronounced pro-Democrat Party slant that pervades the opinion pieces resulting in a decidedly un-progressive atmosphere, BO is still a fun site at which to rant about local and national politics.

    Congratulations on becoming the face of liberal politics in Oregon K-man!

  • Steve Rosenbaum (unverified)

    Cheers to Kari, Jeff, Karol, Carla, Nick, Charlie and everyone else who is part of BlueOregon.

    This award is a huge and well-deserved honor!

  • Marshall Collins (unverified)

    While I congratulate everyone at BlueO for this award I have to say I am more than disappointed that awards were given to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign. The fact that in technical issues they did a good job doesn't erase the fact that Hate, Ignorance, Bigotry and Inequality is the law now in CA. And to add insult to injury they're gonna get a frickin medal for it? Kinda sickening.

  • Marshall Collins (unverified)

    As a follow-up I would ask that BlueO respectfully fecline to accept the award as a protest to having our good legitimate name listed anywhere near the Yes on H8 group. I understand that the awards were given out on a bipartisan basis. That's great and I agree with the other "R" awards given out. But yes on prop H8 should not qualify. It was not a Republican campaign. It was a fundementalist campaign fueled by fear, misinformation and bigotry.

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    I didn't compliment anyone, backhand or no. I congratulated, which is different.

    Jeff, I agree Blueo's not chopped liver, which is why I compared it to HuffPost, one of my regular reads. But if they were awarding best national progressive blog, HP wouldn't be at the top of my list. Which is why I allowed for different criteria factoring in the decision. I would have gone in the direction of a fully functioning news operation or a directly impactful advocacy arm.

    File my dissent under the same category that had me questioning Jethro Tull's heavy metal Granmy win. I am quite fond of Tull--but it ain't metal.

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    Oh--and Horses's Ass in WA...awesome state blog.

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    For what it's worth, I think the award was well-deserved.

    I check BlueOregon frequently because you actually do some original reporting and also because it is often the quickest way to find out about breaking political news that is first reported in a lot of different places.

    To be fair, NWRepublcian also carries a lot of fast-breaking news (and rumors, which I also enjoy), but it is mostly a one-man show. BlueOregon has put together a strong group of contributors covering a lot of topics--even if I think you're wrong about most of them. :-)


  • rw (unverified)

    When I used to engage here, I found that we/I were/was indeed in advance of the local and sometimes national news and most media boiled down for consumption, and that we kept pace with those seeding outlets that promulgate the advance warning. We feed close to the source by dint of an active and catholically-reading "membership". I found that investment in the ownership of an idea as a sure way to wax bellicose on a regular basis. Better to keep dropping seeds and watch them eventually bloom in some bird's gut, bird not knowing where she'd imbibed that seed. And be willing to be likewise affected.

    Indeed, the nuances of much during the presidential campaign and after were being fumbled by the media while I found that I had my hands around all of it as a result of my own researches and those of others. To be fair, my research was often in an effort to wrest more balance out of the partisan finger pointers here, but that motivation served me beautifully - caused me to see much more than had I merely been trying to prove a single point dearly held. Much as I sometimes dislike the tenor of this particular blog, it beats the standard fare of the run of the mill out there -- check out Breitbart to see who votes in America. I have found myself at least nominally-informed as a result of participation - admittedely it has been at least partly as a result of exasperatedly wolfing down the rantings and ravings of people who have a one-trick voice, as well as following with interest those who cannot be predicted for the fact that their sensibilities are truly engage.

    In light of this, I find it disappointing that certain populations' issues continue to be marginally interesting to this group here. I do believe BO posters could benefit some others hugely if they would take some interest. Your specific bonafides give you a voice. But now those bonafides SHOULD come into this realm! The lowest common denominator media watch this and other blogs: they discuss Drudge for god's sake. Bringing the marginalized more-securely into your Action is ever more needed.

    In more irritated moments I feel thus: I suppose if I showed up with a suitable Indian name given me by a Wise Old Indian Man and feathers in my hair, or perhaps put on those requisite extra four hundred pounds and my crocs sandals I might then be considered a bona fide voice reporting from a part of the planet that continues to be unrepresented. Or if I could tell you I miraculously posted to blog whilst sleeping out rough under the bridges... If I told you just how many professional niches I have inhabited that have either been wiped by poor planning or by outsourcing, and one more is poised to be sent to India by State Legislators... anyone out there? Anyone awake and alive? Economic development is a hot topic here, but not a bite or thought as to whether engaging the Leg. in terms of requiring more protections from cheapsuit outsourcing of ORegon/US jobs... not a peep!

    But this is an old, old story. The organized are heard, will win. Those who simply are NOT (churches vs. native ceremonialists, I'm thinking of just now, viz tobacco legislation), just will never benefit from the kind of political process that runs this country. It requires certain things that just may be directly opposite to that which is required to go deeper into that lifeway! A solitary, representative voice is not enough - unless it is dressed up compellingly.

    Despite my concerns, my disappointment, I think mosh pits like this one, where the truly erudite writings read by the members are then brought in and filtered further down - this is a really neccesary mixing place. From here, the information filters directly into media for the lay. Those who offer up the pap to the masses use our tussles and tangles here as THEIR source all too often. BO and its ilk is neccesary in the overall mix of how to make things change.

  • Reality (unverified)

    But what BlueO does is critical in a democracy, too.

    Uuuuhhhhhh, no!

  • amadamnpreoge (unverified)

    Hi There,

    Informative! i'll definately return in future :)


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