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Jeff Alworth

The Pew Research Center just released one result of a poll that stands as a pretty nice metaphor for the state of the current Republican Party.  The question was, "Compared with other industrialized nations, United States health care is..."  The four answer categories, which Pew collapsed, were "best in the world," "above average," "average," and "below average."

As a whole, 39% of Americans thought the US was above average (collapsed categories), and 59% thought it was average or below.  Now look at the breakdown by ideology:

            Above    Av or
            Aver.    Below 

Cons GOP    66%       32%

Mod GOP     39%       59%
Mod Dem     30%       67% 
Lib Dem     25%       75%  
All         39%       59%    

Moderate Republicans are exactly in line with America as a whole.  Conservative Republicans are 27 points off the baseline--more than twice the deviation of liberal Dems.  And yet it's the conservatives who are leading the Republican Party. 

  • Kurt Chapman (unverified)

    Jeff, I know that statistics can be manipultaed to say just about anything. Without knowing the data set or raw numbers of those involved in the poll, the report is next to meaningless.

    Also, the last time I checked, extreme conservative (republican or not) legislators knew that they had no say in health care reform.

    Really man, the moderate to progressive to liberal democrat legislators are scrooching the pooch on health care reform all on their own. they don't "need" any help from conservative GOP legislators, they lack the cajones to do anything all by themselves.

  • Greg D. (unverified)

    i would like to award the "I don't give a shit" award to this post, but I can't get a quorum.

    Meanwhile, what is happening in our Dem majority Congress to heath care or the war against the inconvenient brown people?

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)

    "And yet it's the conservatives who are leading the Republican Party."

    Because they tend to be more aggressive by nature. This also helps to explain why when the Democrats in Congress don't stand up to them the Dems often appear spineless to so many people.

  • Yajaj (unverified)

    Jeff, you and the rest of BO make utter fools of yourselves by beating on Republicans at this point when scum-sucking Ron Wyden and 12 other Democrats voted for a mandate with no public option, and they and Reid are now arrogantly telling the Democratic base who want real reform to shut up so they can push a mandate with no public option through the whole Senate?

  • Richard (unverified)

    Oh come on. After years of Democrats and nearly every media trumpetting how horrible our system is, what else would a poll show?

    I'm surprised it isn't worse.

    But then you are seeing some big message about conservatives and you're going to explain it?

    No where is there a more distorted view and characterizations of conservatives than BlueOregon.

    Whcih is why this long time Oregon conservative knows no Blue Oregon described conservatives.

  • alcatross (unverified)

    Similar to the tone of other comments here, this is more the 'worthless poll of the day' since 'the vast majority of Americans' (as so commonly referenced here at Blue Oregon) have little or no direct experience with or knowledge of health care systems in other 'industrialized nations'... Thus most opinions are just based on hearsay, political ideaology, and/or what people may have read or heard in the media - none of which may be entirely factual or a balanced presentation. And a good number of people hear/read only what they like or agree with - and ignore that which they don't like or disagree with.

  • golden (unverified)

    Any word on the district 43 nominating convention???? What is the scoop?

  • golden (unverified)

    any word on the HD 43 nominations? Who is in?

  • (Show?)

    Wow--some raw emotion out there. The point of the post is to illustrate the schism in the GOP. You could make the argument that it shows how mainsteam moderate Republicans are. That's hardly a partisan point. Pew is, it should also be noted, the best polling group in the country. Did you follow the link?

  • AdmiralNaismith (unverified)

    We don't HAVE to follow no stinkin' link! Our minds are made up! If it tells us what we don't want to hear, it must be stoopid and meaningless and you suck for posting about it! Booooooooooo....


    What? We're just tryin' to have a dialogue here.

  • Lord Peladon (unverified)

    Actually, this makes me wonder. What percentage of hard core progressives wish they were dead, when they see nominally progressive Dems spending most their time proclaiming, "Can you believe what those Reps have done now?" Carla is particularly gifted in being able to tap into that sentiment!

    Meanwhile progressives are saying "can you believe what Obama hasn't done yet"? Funny. For almost a year, we haven't been fair, haven't given him enough time. So, why did he apologize for it last Saturday? Funny how much it was welcomed, yet it never occurred to mainstream Dems to say as much, even in the blogosphere. Read his comments. He said that he knows that change in key areas has been disappointing, to date. Can you cite me a single example where that was the editorial position at BO? A Chicago pol is more honest about his performance than BO. Know where that puts you on the truth-o-meter?

    Maybe the knee jerk getting ahead of the dog you were kicking.

    So, maybe Jeff has it spot on. Dems are very progressive and truthful...IF you compare them to American conservatives. By that standard most homeless are erudite tacticians. Real political junkies- to use the phrase approaching something meaningful, here, for ONCE- would have watched the Tory party conference last week. Try your stupid "look what they've gone and done now" rhetoric on them! Yes, they are reprehensible, "I've got mine, screw you" types as well. Yes, they lie with ease. Yes, they are crooks. But what they consider too outrageous to spin or game is far, far, far, beyond what mainstream Dems consider off-limits. If Reps were to get real enough to emulate them, you would be sunk. Given that there is no merit to their position, and Americans don't want it, that is pretty damning.

    OK. Jeff is startled by raw emotion. Try it this way. How does noting this get us closer to universal health insurance? BTW, when you say "universal", does that include my aggadors?

  • Murphy (unverified)

    “Oh come on. After years of Republicans and Fox News and nearly every radio talk show trumpeting how beautiful our system is, what else would a poll show?

    I'm surprised it isn't better. But then you are seeing some big message about liberals and you're going to explain it? No where is there a more distorted view and characterizations of liberals than KXL, KPAM, KEX, N.W. Republican, etc, etc, etc. Which is why this long time Oregon liberal knows no Lars Larson described liberals.”

  • Richard (unverified)

    Nice try Murhpy. But lame as can be. Even moderate Marc Abrams knows many liberals like his cohost Kremer (or Lars) describes. So your fallacy of not knowing any is pure BS. They hang out right here and are frequently directly quoted. That's quoted. Not interpreted as Blues do conservative when they explain what we really mean.

  • tepidjoe (unverified)

    And p.s., don't give me that bullshit that Wyden, Rockefeller, and 7 other Democrats made clear with their votes that they want a public option in the final bill. And never mind that I have heard Rockefeller, Schumer and Wyden on television for the past few days saying they want a public option in the bill, because I am picking up their vibes that they actually don't mean that and want us to shut up and accept no public option. Even Bernie Sanders and Russ Feingold have refused to swear a blood oath to vote with the Republicans and filibuster the bill if it doesn't have a public option. Scum-suckers, all. Every last one of them.

    You're all fools.

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