Baker County seeing major flooding

Carla Axtman

My mediocre whining about the ongoing gloomy weather seems frivolous when compared to what's going on in Baker County:

Baker County sees flooding

Fortunately, no homes are as yet reported to have serious damage and livestock have apparently been moved to higher ground. Fingers crossed that things dry out there soon.

In Portland, the Jefferson on-ramp to Hwy 26 is closed due to a landslide. This video has a little bit of a "WEATHER-EMERGENCY-2010" feel, but you get the idea:

Fortunately, Washington state's new climatologist is on the case:

A month ago, Nick Bond foresaw decent odds for a warmer-than-normal Northwest summer. Now his outlook is neutral, which still means you and I can probably put the umbrella away soon.

Nick Bond: "If history is any precedent, there should be some pretty marked improvement in the weather in the upcoming weeks. Certainly, by the time we get into the middle of July it is very unusual for it to remain in a cool unsettled pattern."

Only another month of crappy weather! Yee-haw!

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