OR-5: NRCC drops big cash on race against Schrader

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Make no mistake, folks: We have one of the hottest congressional races in the country here in Oregon's 5th district.

The national Republicans have decided that they're going to target Congressman Kurt Schrader - and they're rolling in hundreds of thousands of dollars in DC money to do it. Politico is reporting that they've just made a $2 million buy targeting Schrader and three other Democrats:

The four new districts — Pennsylvania’s 8th District, Arizona’s 1st and 5th Districts and Oregon’s 5th District — are seats that were once considered out of reach for Republicans. The NRCC is spending a total of $2,022,000 in the four new districts.

But with the political environment seeming to grow more perilous for Democrats by the day, Republican operatives believe that the quartet of seats is now increasingly winnable. Two of the new targets are vulnerable freshmen: Arizona Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick and Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader. Republicans are also taking aim at second-term Democrats, including Arizona Rep. Harry Mitchell and Pennsylvania Rep. Patrick Murphy.

Let's be clear: Scott Bruun supports privatizing Social Security, opposes unemployment benefits, and wants a 50% capital gains and 50% income tax cut, to be replaced by a sales tax on low-income and middle-income folks.

With 38 days until ballots are mailed to voters, now is the time to pitch in to help Kurt Schrader. Make a donation. Sign up to volunteer on KurtSchrader.com. Stay in touch with Facebook.

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    As an OR-5 voter, I can say that Scott Bruun lost my vote with his first primary campaign ad where he mentioned Nancy Pelosi.

    Go Kurt!

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Kurt Schrader's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    I wonder if the OR-5 will be a money "Lucy and the football" for the NRCC, sort of like PA seems to be to the RNC in almost every cycle, where they bleed millions that might be more effectively spent elsewhere (which McCain did perfectly last cycle)...?

    Not that I mind if it ends up being wasted dollars on the NRCC's part mind you if Schrader brings it home.

    Kinda why I am secretly hoping the NRSC drops money in the Huffman race. Every dollar spent playing Don Quixote in trying to unseat Wyden is a dollar not spent in actual toss-up races elsewhere.

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    Kurt Schrader is a good fit for my district, even with the GOP registration advantage. And Schrader has his own Ad buy in the wings, which will hammer Bruun on all his extremist and unpopular plans to impoverish seniors and the middle class.

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    Bruun needs it. His fundraising has not been impressive.

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    First question I have - now that Citizens United means that corporations can donate mass amounts from their corporate treasuries, is any of that money going to the NRCC? I know about Fox giving money to the Republican Governor's campaign group, but has anyone analyzed the NRCC?

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