Quick Hits: 24 Days to Ballots Edition

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It's Tuesday, September 21, which means there's just 25 days (and three weekends) until Oregon voters start voting - and just 42 days until it's all over.

Wheeler is proposing that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) cover the insurance of all bank deposits made by public entities. Currently, when a school district or city council puts money in a bank, the bank is responsible for guaranteeing the safety of those deposits.

“Banks don’t always want to hold public money because it is expensive to do so,” Wheeler explained. “What they want to do is lend it out. They make more money lending it out.”

Wheeler suggests that the FDIC remove that burden from the banks by insuring the deposits — just like it does for any citizen who has a bank account. ...

That, in turn, would free up $300 to $400 million that banks are currently sitting on to loan out to businesses.

“It would be like a shot in the arm, and it wouldn’t be just this year,” Wheeler said. “It would be every year from now on. This is a great opportunity.”

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Ted Wheeler's and John Kitzhaber's campaign websites. I speak only for myself.

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    A rural populist Democrat. I like to see that. The GOP takes rural Oregon for granted and screws them over year after year.

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    Over the weekend, I made the visually-exciting trip down to Eugene and back on I-5. Along with some scattered legislative posters, I viewed a stream of Dudley billboards and a decent number of Dudley bumperstickers on passing cars. Kitzhaber? Not so much. In fact, nothing. No billboards and no bumperstickers. WTF, Kitz?

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      It's important to know what's going on with those I-5 farmland mega-signs.

      1. It's rural country. They're going to lean Republican.

      2. Many of those signs are PAID placements. Former State Rep. Cliff Zauner runs a business in which he pays farmers to rent space - and campaigns pay him to place them. (Only Republicans need apply.)

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        Kari, that's good to hear. On the other hand, even in Portland I see Dudley stickers and not a single Kitzhaber sticker. I just hope he's not so cocky as to assume he can walk in to Salem in 2010. No Democrat can feel cocky or safe in 2010.


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