Right Wing Radio Duck

Carla Axtman

This is one of the single greatest pieces of political satire I've ever seen. It's genius.

Watch it now before Disney (or Goldline) yanks it.

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    Carla - that was rich - no pun intended....

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    Only 9.95 a month! How could I not afford it! ;)

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    great & amazing work.

    they claim fair-use of copyrighted material. they're probably right. thanks for sharing!

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    The cartoon shows real conservative economic policy consequences and subsequent manipulation of the victims in a kid-friendly format.

    Unfortunately "kid-friendly" doesn't make it any less scary, but I think this is the best that could be done.

    Thanks for the clip!

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    And you refused to do research into Donald Duck when I asked... I spotted this trend day before yesterday...

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    As a piece of video editing, I found it masterful.

    The messaging however, I found a little less than appealing because of the lies it states right up front. "Obama" did not bail out wall street. Bush did. Obama passed a stimulus which bailed out GM, which allowed it to remain in business and keep people employed, and gave the middle class a tax cut.

    The unemployment rate isn't 20% either. It's 9.5%. Which no one thinks is good, but it was all he was able to get through Congress.

    I am getting positively sick of the trite "both sides are bad" screaming that passes for intelligent thought in the body politic. It would be far better stated as "I'm too lazy to figure out which side is good and with side is bad - and who, within the good side, are actually helpful, and who are not".

    Also, most of the tea-partyers aren't doing poorly economically themselves. By and large they're well off, racist, southern redneck Republicans. So the "Donald" presented here isn't actually typical. You'd have to go back to the earliest racist Disney cartoons to get a more correct analogy.

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      I feel like you missed the point, Steve. It was about the spread of misinformation (including the Obama-Wall St thing), and the way that Glenn Beck leverages it.

      And..then how easily some are taken it by all of that.

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        Yes Carla he missed it...He was too busy rewriting history and venting his ignorance of where we are and how we got here. A failure of public education no doubt.

        That said, aside from being on the wrong side of things from start to finish ...this was truly a great effort on someone's part. This was a great find...Thank you for the good laugh. well crafted political satire is always a welcome sight regardless of who it's aimed at

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    Anyone know how to download this to my computer? I'd love to watch this video again and again after it's pulled.


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