Defying national trend, big wins from Wyden, Schrader, DeFazio, and Wu.

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Across the country, Democratic members of Congress were defeated in big numbers. At latest count, the GOP has gained roughly 60 seats.

But not in Oregon.

Despite wild polling numbers and a broad expectation of a cliffhanger, Congressman Kurt Schrader handily defeated Scott Bruun. At latest count (8:20 a.m.), Schrader's up 51.1% to 46.2%.

Voters also rejected the anonymous front group running against Congressman Peter DeFazio. He's beating Art Robinson 53.4% to 44.7% at latest count.

David Wu also handily defeated Rob Cornilles. The latest vote count is Wu 54.7% to Cornilles 42.2%.

And, of course, Senator Ron Wyden won in a comparative landslide over law professor Jim Huffman. At latest count, 56.3% to 40.3%.

We'll keep watching these numbers - and I'll have more thoughts later today as well.

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    It was really surreal at the Hilton last night, like being in the one house the tornado missed as it tore through town. We watched the results come in, groaning as Feingold went down, Sestak, Perriello.... But then the Oregon results started coming in, and all looked good. Even Kitzhaber's squeaker contains more good news than bad. I overheard someone comment, marvelingly, "wow, Wu stomped Cornilles."

    Terrible news for national Dems; mostly good news for Oregon's blue squad.

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    Full disclosure: My firm built campaign websites for Ron Wyden, Peter DeFazio, and Kurt Schrader. I speak only for myself.

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    Is the Democratic Party completely defunct in the Old South? Probably it is. Even more troubling is what happened in the Rust Belt- it was like every Reagan Dem in that part of the country did what they did in 1984- vote for empty-headed, simplistic appeals in order to confront their demons of fear, xenophobia and racism.

    Right when one thinks the U.S.A. might actually be making some real progress the fear-based vote speaks up and tells us it's not happening.

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    I am very disappointed in the election results nationally. But I'm not at all surprised.

    The Dems really f&^%ed things up the last two years. They had a solid majority in both houses but they still let the Rethugs set the debate.

    I don't know how the Cons could have made it any clearer that they weren't willing to work with the Democrats. When you have that type of situation you don't even try. Just like the Republicans did while Bush was President. Give them the minimum time allowed by the rules and then shut them up and vote.

    If they had not compromised we would have gotten decent legislation that wouldn't have pissed of the Democratic base which obviously decided not to show up this year.

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    @Sean - I agree and I think we're looking at 2 more years of grid lock. The R's have made it clear that job 1 is taking Obama down. I am enraged. If I operated that way in my work site, heads would roll! Why do they get away with it time and time again? The fact that Boehner is likely to be 3rd in line gives me more heartburn about the results. He comes across as an arrogant SOB. It's hard for me to have any respect for them, when they chose to operate this way.

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