Why John Kitzhaber is Going to Win

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This morning at 4 a.m., hundreds of John Kitzhaber volunteers hit the streets.

Check it out.

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    Sounds to me like a man who's really excited to get to work.

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    He shouldn't look at the failure of his comeback bid like it's a personal rejection of him...he needs to think of it as a wholesale rejection of everything strands for instead!

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      Did you mean "stands for" instead of "strands for"? Quick writing and jumping the gun on your conclusion too.

      It will in the end be a rejection of big money vs. people with the people and Kitzhaber taking the win in this election.

      Your red wave is nothing new for a newly minted democratic president and it seems to have broke at the cascade range in large part. Longterm, I am very optimistic for the democrats. There are simply more of us.


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