It's official: Ducks playing for national title!

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After going 12-0 on the season, and 9-0 in Pac-10 play, the Oregon Ducks will play for the national championship on January 10. Their opponent? The Auburn Tigers - also 12-0. who are 13-0.

From Addicted to Quack:

Every year, you dream of the possibility of going undefeated. At the beginning of every year, I think about it. And every year, something happens. Because it is so freaking hard to win every game. Even if your team is better, winning every game is a seemingly impossible task. You have to be on every single game, and when you have an off game, you have to somehow pull out that win. ...

They beat the best teams in the Pac-10 by 3 scores, controlled almost every game they played in, and in their final game of the season, the Civil War, did what they have done all year long.

As someone who has a rather unhealthy obsession with college football, I'll say this: The 2010 Oregon Ducks are an amazing team. The play-calling is creative and aggressive and the players are fast and relentless. Their coach, Chip Kelly, might be the smartest and most innovative coach in college football today.

From ESPN's Bruce Feldman (sorry, sub req'd):

The Ducks move at a dizzying, no-huddle pace, often snapping the ball with more than 20 seconds on the play clock, while frazzled defenders are still busy trying to ID the formation and figure who their keys are.

"Guys heads' are spinning and before they can process what they should be doing on the next play, the ball's been snapped and the Oregon guy they should be on is gone," said one rival defensive coach. ...

"It's shocking how they can execute," [former NFL head coach Jon] Gruden says. "Pete Carroll's an NFL coach. They had 700 yards against him. Monte Kiffin went up against them coming off a bye week and they got an easy 600 on him. Oregon is so far ahead of the curve and the film proves it. It's unbelievable. I've sat there with guys who are lifers in football and we just can't get over the cut-ups. We're in awe of it. It's like going to a rock and roll concert. You don't know what songs coming up next but you know you're going to love it."

Beat the Tigers!

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    My biggest fear is that with 5 weeks to prep, the staff will over analyze things. Prep the game plan this week and stick to it.

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    Auburn is actually 13-0, which I suspect accounts entirely for their #1 computer status. You get credit for wins, more better. It does not care you didn't have 13 on your sked.

    That coaching praise is high. I think what sets them apart is WR blocking. It makes all those big plays happen. And that Civil War playbook was TINY. if they ran 20 different plays I'd be stunned, and I bet it kills Kelly he had to use that direct snap punt. They handled OSU with one half their offense tied behind their backs.

    Can Newton is the best player in football. But o's defense is strong. Still, give him 4 or 5 TDs. Is 35-38 points, which seems like best case scenario unless they score in garbage time, enough to beat UO? Does Auburn really have a sub-40pt effort in them against a game plan a month in the making?

    I say nope.

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    There's an excellent article in the NY Times Sunday Magazine on the Ducks, and especially on Chip Kelly. A great interview and profile on him.

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    Unhealthy! What do you mean unhealthy? What pisses me off is that they decided to have these silly elections at the same time as football season!

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    Well, Kari, my guess is that you'll sail to 9-for-9 status over at Stiff Arm. This one doesn't seem to be close.

    Still, it's not too shabby that the Ducks will be sending a candidate to New York.

    (I bet the Ducks would prefer a national championship to a Heisman.)

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    Here's a great article in the NYTimes on Oregon Football and Chip Kelly:


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