Wyden surgeon says "everything went perfect"

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The AP is reporting that Senator Wyden's surgery for cancer was a success:

His staff quoted the surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore as saying Monday that "everything went perfect. The patient is recovering well." Wyden expects to be released Tuesday and will recuperate at his home in Washington.

OPB quotes his communications director, Jennifer Hoelzer:

"We expect him to be back full-time next session. There is some question whether or not they may need his vote later this week. we expect if that's the case the leader will try to schedule that vote as late in the week as he can, so the Senator has some time to rest. But he will make every effort to be back to vote."

And on Facebook, his in-state press secretary, Tom Towslee, reports:

Senator Wyden's surgery was a success. He's doing great. Thanks again to everyone who called, wrote and emailed. Most appreciated.

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