Signs Point to Elizabeth Warren challenging Scott Brown for Senate

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Not Oregon-related news, but exciting nonetheless. Especially for middle-class families, who as President Obama has pointed out, are the biggest losers so far in the GOP debates without a single mention in three consecutive debates.

Care of The Nation: "Shall We Make That Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass?"

As for whether Elizabeth Warren would have a healthy relationship with Oregon's Senators, Jeff Merkley has long been an advocate for Mrs. Warren, with Senator Merkley saying last September that "Elizabeth Warren needs to head the CFPB [Warren's proposed Consumer Finance Protection Bureau that was signed into law by the prior Congress]. Tomorrow isn't soon enough." Sadly, it is a year later and the Senate filibustered her appointment as head of the newly created Bureau. (This is the Republicans' standard operating procedure of blocking Obama's appointments to crucial seats in an effort to, I don't know, prove how big jerks they can be or something by turning around and claiming "Obama can't effectively lead because we're making sure he doesn't have people in place to effectively lead." Or something like that.)

Would Senator Merkley appreciate the opportunity to have Mrs. Warren serving on his side as a colleague on the Senate floor. Probably, considering that glowing review that she provided to Merkley at last summer's Netroots Nation conference: "Jeff Merkley is one of those inch-by-inch guys who does the work. He is a good man."

UPDATE: At 12:11, providing links to Jeff Merkley's advocacy for Elizabeth Warren to serve as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Mrs. Warren's in-turn compliments of Senator Merkley.

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    i love the karmic ass-biting of this. the Rs so oppose her appointment to the agency, they refused to officially recess lest Obama appoint her that way. so she's gone back home to Massachusetts. and in 2013, she'll return to DC - as Senator Warren. that's gonna be as awesome as the day Al Franken took his seat.

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      Warren will chew Brown up and spit him out.

      What was that term from Seinfeld? Oh yeah. Mimbo. Can't think of a better way to describe Ted Kennedy's seat-warmer.

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