WaCo: More trouble for Duyck

Carla Axtman

The sleepy media presence in Washington County may be waking up. From today's Hillsboro Argus:

Andy Duyck's Enemies List

I couldn't find an online version of this image. This is a photo of it. It's by cartoonist Dan Adams for the Argus.

Rarely do I see any fundamental criticism of Washington County government in the Argus. Usually it's just nutty rightwing ramblings by columnist Jayne Carroll who has little or nothing to say about local government (unless it's to take shots at Kitzhaber). The editorials don't go there either.

In context, this is a tremendous shot across the bow at Duyck. I hope it's not the last. Duyck needs to end his vendetta against his own constituency immediately.

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    Actually, Carla, despite Jayne Carroll's rantings, The Argus has shown some hopeful signs of being more progressive. For example, its editorial board endorsed Suzanne Bonamici which came as a total surprise. They are also fairly balanced in what LTEs they publish and have published a few guest editorials (and many of his LTEs) by Jack Kirkwood who is one of our activists.

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      Karen: I was thinking more along the lines of what's happening at the really local level. You're right that the Argus' endorsement of Bonamici shows some light. But this is the first time in my memory where they've really take a strong stand against problems in local government.

      Granted, it's a cartoon. But it's a start.

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