Nolan for a greener, stronger Portland

Charlie Burr

A little over a month ago, 1000 Friends of Oregon gave Mary Nolan its Tom McCall Legacy Award for her years of farm and forest land advocacy. The award represented a well-earned nod to Nolan's record of protecting what we love about the state.

It's a great example of why she's the best choice for Portland City Council. Nolan's career has been defined by not just being right on the issues, but being one of the leaders in Salem who get things done for Oregon's environment.

Time and again, Nolan has demonstrated an ability to make progress on difficult issues. Nolan helped whip the votes for HB 2186, Oregon's ambitious greenhouse gas limit law. She sheparded through the land use bill that became ballot Measure 49, a HUGE victory for Oregon's natural legacy. She helped save the Metolius River Basin. And as director of Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services, she helped launch Portland's curbside recycling program, creating a dramatic diversion of waste from landfills.

Nolan hasn't shied away from difficult fights. Her support for Measures 66 and 67 -- the tax fairness measures that directed resources to schools, health care and other critical services -- almost certainly has impacted her race. But it was the right vote for Portland. That's what we can expect from Nolan as a city commissioner: An ability to make tough calls and get things done.

Active transportation advocates at Bike Walk Vote have given Nolan their sole endorsement because they know that she understands transportation, climate and livability. Environmental leaders and officials like Rep. Jules Bailey, Mike Houck, Gov. Barbara Roberts, Robert Liberty, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Gov. John Kitzhaber and others support her because she's the candidate best suited to get traction on Portland's environmental priorities.

As Evan notes, this race is too close to call. Nolan's campaign has momentum, but most importantly, the greatest record of accomplishment and potential for the position. The prospect of Steve Novick, Mary Nolan and a new mayor working together to build on Portland's leadership is one voters should seize. Portlanders who care about clean water and healthy communities should vote for Mary Nolan as the best choice for Position 1.

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    I have worked with both major canidates. While they both have strengths, Nolan is the strongest with the most experience managing large staff and budgets. She has strong experience in getting things done at the City of Portland having managed two large city bureaus. Portland needs her experience and knowledge.

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    I'm sure that Mary Nolan has been a fine public servant, but I'm supporting Amanda Fritz for reelection.

    Fritz has been a strong voice for taxpayers and ordinary citizens in City Hall, has run a principled campaign, and certainly does not deserve to be fired.

    Ms. Nolan could have chosen to run for the open seat. She chose instead to run a nasty campaign against a good incumbent (and the only woman on the council) for her own reasons. Of course she has a right to make her own decisions for her own reasons. But the voters have their own right to decide what they want.

    Personally, I do not see a net gain for Portland voters in turning Amanda Fritz out of office.

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