Anti-Corporate Water Takeover Ad Nails It

Evan Manvel

Campaign advertising is hard work - especially television ads. Complex issues are distilled to their essence, and a story is told in 30 seconds.

I'm pretty impressed with this new ad by the Stop the Bull Run Takeover PAC. It hits the high point of the problem - corporate polluters trying to take over Portland's water - while trying to help people understand there's nothing in Measure 26-156 that would cause water rates to go down.

The ad tries to make a somewhat complex point - that whatever you think of the problem (relatively high water rates), this measure is not a solution to it. But it leads with what we value (water) and the story about lobbyists and corporate polluters making it dirty. Hitting the heart and convincing the mind. Bravo.

Now go give the campaign some money so they can get this ad out there.


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