Robert Reich on $15 Why?

Evan Manvel

As we're apparently going through the basic six questions (who, what, where, when, why, and how) about the $15/hour minimum wage proposal, I thought it appropriate to share this video from U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explaining seven reasons why people are calling for a $15/hr minimum wage.

Meanwhile, in local news, the minimum wage discussion has hit various races. From The Oregonian:

Francesconi... has said he wants to establish a minimum wage for workers on county-funded projects that meets or exceeds Obama’s proposed increase. He also says he’ll push state lawmakers to consider an increase.

Kafoury, while noting that the county already pays a prevailing rate higher than minimum wage on construction projects, said she supports a repeal of the state law that prevents local governments from raising their minimum wage. If a repeal isn’t an option, she said she’ll push lawmakers to raise the statewide rate.

Saltzman’s opponent, Concordia University professor Nick Caleb, launched his campaign last month by calling for Portland’s lowest-wage workers to earn $15 an hour. Saltzman followed by participating in a rally Tuesday aimed, in part, at supporting a repeal of the state preemption.

The discussion continues.

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