It's official: Brad Avakian is running for Secretary of State

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This morning, on Carl Wolfson's show on XRAY.FM, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian made it official: He's running for Secretary of State.

In his own words:

I’ve had the honor of fighting for workers and for civil rights for the people of Oregon for the past seven years. Now, I’m prepared to take it to the next level and keep up the fight for our progressive priorities.

Oregon deserves a Secretary of State who will be a champion for a fair economy, healthy environment and a strong democracy. Increasing corporate accountability in the workplace, using a wider range of tools to create good jobs, and combating climate change are just a few of the areas where this office can lead the way.

He joins Sen. Richard Devlin (D-Tualatin) and Rep. Val Hoyle (D-Eugene) in the race.

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