Carla Axtman

Carla Axtman is a political animal and blogger. She started blogging in 2004 as a response to the malaise and frustration of progressive politics & politics on both the national & local levels. Carla specializes in online organizing and communications. Another politico recently referred to her thusly: "...a cross between a pitbull, a barracuda and a scorpion. ... She's ferocious."

February 24, 2009Dept of Land Conservation and Development drops a bomb on Metolius resorts
February 23, 2009More Metolius: The road to hell is paved with loopholes.
February 22, 2009Your Abbreviated Editorial/Pundit Roundup: Oscar! edition
February 20, 2009Ugh.
February 20, 2009Alley tacks away from the GOP base on abortion
February 18, 2009Allen Alley throws his hat into the ring for Governor
February 18, 2009Ezra floats a theory: Creeping Wydenism...?
February 17, 2009American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Stuff for Oregon
February 16, 2009Money can't buy you love, but can it buy you building rights at the Metolius?
February 15, 2009Your Abbreviated Editorial/Pundit Roundup: Compost edition
February 14, 2009Congratulations Rep. Mitch Greenlick!!
February 13, 2009Bob Tiernan's lesson in the permanent entrenched minority: a follow-up
February 12, 2009In which Bill Sizemore finds himself up another creek; sans paddle.
February 12, 2009Keeping the Metolius, let's get this party started
February 10, 2009R.I.P. Brainstorm NW Magazine
February 09, 2009Atkinson readies to run for Governor
February 07, 2009Lies, Betrayal and Penance.
February 06, 2009Karol Collymore tells Just Out how it is
February 06, 2009Stick a fork in Sizemore, part deux
February 05, 2009Oregon House votes to pass state stimulus package
February 04, 2009Bob Tiernan provides a lesson on how to entrench a permanent minority.
February 03, 2009WES commuter rail....underway!
February 02, 2009GOP's Tiernan greases the wheels with the new top dog
February 01, 2009I have a crush on Frank Rich today.
February 01, 2009Your Abbreviated Editorial/Pundit Roundup: Big time Spring Fever edition
January 30, 2009Word on the street: Stick a fork in Sizemore, he's done.
January 29, 2009WWire: Blue O founders of different minds on Adams
January 28, 2009Oregon Senate passes stimulus package; on to the House
January 25, 2009Word on the street: Sam's staying
January 25, 2009Your Abbreviated Editorial/Pundit Roundup
January 24, 2009The Inauguration in pictures
January 24, 2009DeFazio: Larry Summers is "anti-infrastructure"; the President is not.
January 20, 2009Ground zero from DC: what could have been an Inauguration Day disaster
January 17, 2009Updated: Merkley talks TARP on DKos
January 15, 2009Well we're moving on up...
January 14, 2009In order to build a more sustainable Union
January 13, 2009Opening Day at the Lege, in pictures
January 13, 2009The Lege gavels to follow
January 11, 2009Your Abbreviated Editorial Roundup: "It rains in Portland.." edition
January 08, 2009Mapes: Day out as GOP Chair. Snodgrass and Tiernan in.
January 08, 2009Schrader to serve on Ag Committee
January 07, 2009Merkley will serve on Senate Environment and Public Works Committee
January 07, 2009Adams and Co. definitely understand how to keep Portland weird.
January 06, 2009Merkley sworn in by the Dark Lord of the Sith
January 06, 2009Obama's chooses Panetta, with help from Wyden?
January 05, 2009U.S. Senate swearing-in tomorrow...mostly.
January 04, 2009Meet the new boss....
January 04, 2009Your Abbreviated Editorial Roundup
January 02, 2009State of Emergency declared in Clackamas County
January 02, 2009You really got me

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