Carla Axtman

Carla Axtman is a political animal and blogger. She started blogging in 2004 as a response to the malaise and frustration of progressive politics & politics on both the national & local levels. Carla specializes in online organizing and communications. Another politico recently referred to her thusly: "...a cross between a pitbull, a barracuda and a scorpion. ... She's ferocious."

May 01, 2009Oregon House District 47: Challenges and Successes
April 30, 2009Swine flu hits Oregon
April 28, 2009Swing State Project: Oregon Guv's race "leans D"
April 27, 2009Guv's tax proposals hit the front burner
April 26, 2009NRCC courts Sid Leiken for 4th Congressional District
April 26, 2009Rep. Tobias Read's home picketed by activists
April 24, 2009The torture "debate"
April 23, 2009"Job creation bills" are actually supposed to create jobs, aren't they?
April 23, 2009How a Sisters resident showed the way to protect the Metolius
April 22, 2009Earth Day! Our own little shout out to the home planet.
April 20, 2009Mystified by the ardor for Memorial Coliseum
April 19, 2009Crunch time: The Metolius situation heats up
April 19, 2009Can Oregon afford the death penalty?
April 18, 2009A final thought on taxes, protesting and related stuff
April 16, 2009Tax Day Roundup in pictures. Keyword: Contrast
April 14, 2009A lesson in inequity....
April 14, 2009Civilized Society Dues: H&R Block Party Update
April 13, 2009Paying my share of the tab for a civilized society
April 12, 2009Hostage captain rescued; conservatives not happy?
April 10, 2009Parsing health care to the least common denominator
April 08, 2009The Metolius balance
April 08, 2009Get your photo geek on
April 07, 2009Vermont is for all sorts of lovers
April 06, 2009It's electric!
April 03, 2009Oregon Senate Dems: we have a blog! Now what?
April 03, 2009Iowa takes a giant step forward for civil rights; makes Oregon look bad
April 02, 2009Earl throws down against "deliberate misrepresentation" by Republicans
April 02, 2009The wingers are coming! The wingers are coming!
April 01, 2009Mannix launches bid for Lieutenant Governor of Oregon
March 31, 2009Sobriety checkpoints for Oregon: Yes or no?
March 30, 2009The O editorializers get it wrong (surprise!) on Metolius.
March 30, 2009Oregon House District 21: A tale of two Salems
March 21, 2009Walden cries "Wolf!" Too little, too late
March 19, 2009Perspective
March 18, 2009Here's hoping DeFazio takes on the TSA.
March 18, 2009Destination resorts the best way to economic stability for Jefferson Co? Not so fast.
March 16, 2009Disgusting. Offensive. Outrageous. Foul. Contemptible. Sickening.
March 14, 2009Their Land of Confusion
March 09, 2009Metolius destination resort ban hits the lege
March 07, 2009Two things to keep an eye on....
March 06, 2009Sizemore Banned From Running Charities
March 06, 2009Happy Birthday Lars! Keep up the good work.....
March 05, 2009On the Bus: Brewhaha
March 04, 2009Blumenauer's tweets beat up John McCain's tweets
March 04, 2009How long until they really hit bottom and reform themselves?
March 04, 2009Oregon House District 30: Business, infrastructure, education
March 03, 2009Shoes I almost walked in
February 28, 2009Minnesota Senate Update: Two Princes who adore you
February 26, 2009Walden introduces cellulosic ethanol bill
February 25, 2009Where the deer and the watermelons play....

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