Jeff Alworth

Jeff Alworth's mother fled her ancestral clan in eastern Oregon for the lights of the big city - Boise - robbing Jeff of his Oregon birthright. He addresses this inadequacy with prodigious displays of flannel and beer drinking. Jeff hosted Notes on the Atrocities and the Oregon Blog since January 2003 - which he retired to work on Blue Oregon. Jeff is a freelance writer and a researcher at Portland State University in the Graduate School of Social Work. An entirely different constituency knows him for his enthusiasm about beer.

June 23, 2005Supremes: City Land Seizure Constitutional
June 13, 2005Michael Jackson Verdict
June 10, 2005Hibbitts' Ephemeral Research
June 01, 2005Civil Unions or Reciprocal Benefits?
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May 12, 2005Pew's Political Typologies
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April 24, 2005Week in Review (April 18-22)
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April 14, 2005Interview with Jim Hansen: PGE, Enron, and the Oregon Mutual Utility
April 07, 2005The $150 Million Snit
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March 22, 2005More Schiavo Fallout
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March 03, 2005Splat
February 27, 2005Symbol and Metaphor
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February 18, 2005Are the Oregon Dems Crooked, Too?
February 14, 2005PIFF: Weekend Round-up
February 13, 2005The Week in Review
February 11, 2005Opening Night: Portland International Film Fest
February 10, 2005Logging and Forests
February 06, 2005The Week in Review
February 04, 2005The State of Our State
January 30, 2005Karen Minnis: Uniter
January 28, 2005The Corruption of the Oregon GOP
January 25, 2005Oscar Nominations
January 24, 2005City Talk at the City of Books
January 19, 2005Oregon Population Survey
January 13, 2005No Apologies, No Mistakes, No WMD
January 11, 2005Which Oregon?
January 06, 2005The New Gilded Age
January 05, 2005New Study About Blogs
December 31, 2004Office Pool, Blue Oregon Version
December 16, 2004Gay Marriage Debate
December 15, 2004Risk
December 08, 2004Budget, Part 2
December 08, 2004Budget, Part 1
December 02, 2004Measure 37: Proof that the Initiative Process is Broken?

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