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BlueOregon is the brainchild of Kari Chisholm, who says he helped launch it because, "well, it seemed like something I wanted to read." Once a political campaign hack, Chisholm now runs Mandate Media, a consulting firm that does "internet strategy for people changing the world." His personal blog covers Politics & Technology. In 1999-2001, Chisholm was the volunteer board chair of X-PAC, a nonpartisan group that sought to build a new generation of political leaders and community activists in Oregon.

August 10, 2006Register Republicans - $5 each!
August 09, 2006Feldkamp's $77,500 Miracle
August 09, 2006Dalto Digging for Dirt
August 07, 2006Breaking: Brian Schweitzer to headline Kulongoski event
August 07, 2006Who should get Earl's money?
July 27, 2006Initiatives and Identity Theft
July 21, 2006Winning the West in 2008
July 19, 2006Ralph Reed Loses!
July 11, 2006Ben Westlund and the Irish Potato Famine
June 26, 2006Burning the stars and stripes...
June 22, 2006Understanding Instant Runoff Voting
June 14, 2006Voter-Owned Elections: an "incumbent protection racket"?
June 09, 2006Better than you think
June 04, 2006Fight Like Hell... Paul Evans, Ted Kulongoski, Howard Dean
May 24, 2006Steve Doell Covers For a Drunk Legislator
May 22, 2006He goes right. He goes left. Can he score?
May 18, 2006Cash influx for Ginny Burdick
May 15, 2006Could low turnout doom Kulongoski?
May 15, 2006Punditology
May 12, 2006Ross Day: the signature-forging judge candidate
May 12, 2006GOTV Weekend
May 09, 2006Republicans for Jim Hill?
May 08, 2006What does "pro-business" mean?
May 06, 2006Swear to uphold...
May 05, 2006Turn off your computer. Go help a campaign.
May 02, 2006Did Hooley opponent Mike Erickson violate federal law?
April 30, 2006The half-billion-dollar "rimshot!" that wasn't
April 25, 2006Senator Al Franken? Governor John Cougar Mellencamp? Who's Next?
April 13, 2006Gordon Smith: Just the facts
April 12, 2006Chaos in Kyrgyzstan; BlueOregonian in the midst
April 11, 2006The Sexual Hypnotist from Las Vegas
April 10, 2006Turn off your computer and do something!
April 04, 2006Markos & Jerome Arrive to Help Topple the Speaker
March 29, 2006One Day Left. $398,000 and counting. Help break the record!
March 28, 2006What does "school" mean?
March 22, 2006Once again, Gordon Smith votes for Arctic oil drilling
March 21, 2006Katherine Harris: Make Her Spend It All!
March 17, 2006Gordon Smith does it again
March 10, 2006Shields & Monroe explanations don't add up
March 09, 2006Breaking: Frank Shields Withdraws
March 07, 2006Intrigue at the State Capitol; Jesse Cornett Runs!
March 07, 2006Gordon Smith (R-Virgin Islands), part 2
February 26, 2006Brian Schweitzer and Energy Independence
February 04, 2006Dave Lister's Anti-Tax Commute
January 25, 2006Back from Iraq, Paul Evans Heads for Oregon's Capitol
January 23, 2006Fake Sex Offender Notices from Washington GOP
January 19, 2006Ron Saxton: Conservative
January 09, 2006Raw Republican Power Plays in Clackamas County
December 29, 2005Last Chance: $50. Donate it or lose it.
December 21, 2005You've got a free $50. Now spend it.

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