Wu Introduces Bill to Return State Control Over LNG Decisions

Willamette Week:

At a time when Congress is expected take little action in the run-up to the November elections, U.S. Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.) has introduced a new bill aimed at returning state control over where to place liquefied natural gas facilities. Wu, who’s running for re-election in the First Congressional District against Republican Rob Cornilles, on Tuesday introduced [...]

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    Amidst all the smoke and mirrors of the GOP "States Rights" BS, this is a huge and important bill that should make every Oregonian David Wu is looking out for us.

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    Yes, this is encouraging. This and a recent reply from Rep. Wu which explained how he understands what a criminal (not technically criminal, yet) amount of greenhouse gas emissions is entailed with mining and processing the Alberta tar ("It Ain't Oil") sands.

    I'll vote for David Wu's re-election.

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      YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? How could anyone who hasn't been living on a desert island with no newspapers for the last 12 years even consider voting for this clown? He is know on capital hill as Rep. Who? He is an imbecile and has done nothing but vote against the best interests of the people of this state for over 10 years! I don't care if he is running against Mickey Mouse there is no one with an IQ higher than 60 that couldn't be more effective than David Who? He has voted for every single tax bill he ever saw and then had the guts to stand up at a debate and claim that he was a fiscal conservative who would not allow debt to be heaped upon his children and grandchildren not only that he and his wife have bounced checks to contractors and generally done nothing to make us proud either personally or professionally.

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    Robert Summer, I believe Wu's opponent (Rob Corniles) would find no fault with either massive importation of LNG and construction of attendant pipelines or continuing maassive extraction of Alberta bitumen ("It Ain't Oil").

    The GOP is anti-environment and anti-science. The GOP needs to read some books (start with "Storms of My Grandchildren" by Dr. James Hansen).

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    The GOP needs to read something other than either the Bible or the Wall St. Journal.

    Anyway, how'd you manage to cobble a coalition consisting of religious know-nothings combined with craven money grubbers?

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    I agree Stephen M. Amy it is easier to call names than it is to defend Wu's non record of performance. I make a habit of voting for the people who represent my interests the best and David Wu is not that guy. You are so bogged down in partisan name calling that you are willing to vote against your own self interest (and even your collective interests) to ensure the seat remains blue. The people of the state of Oregon are the losers not the republicans. If Wu weren't hapless enough with the D's controlling the house I can only imagine how ineffective he will be come november when the left gets swept out the door

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    Chester- I've not been the greatest fan of Rep. Wu but I am encouraged by the recent positions he's taken re: the environment.

    As far as "the left being swept out the door" goes: Chester- so you think Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer (for example) somehow represent something that could be called "the Left"?

    You probably think Barack Obama is a socialist.

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    Anyway, what the heck is a right-winger doing referring to "collective interests"? You'd better clean up your rhetoric, sonny, or they'll drum you out of the Tea Party.

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    Oh goodie, Robert's here, and on display again is the remarkable in-congruency that we see from the GOP at the Federal level. In one paragraph he rails against the evil of taxes, while in the same breath complains of the National Debt.

    The position, no matter WHO you are, is either disingenuous or only slightly shields the mean streak that IS the GOP. Given the purse, the GOP would slash funding to every program from Social Security to Medicare to college loans and grants and thousands of other programs.

    Privatization WORKS for the for the GOP. Look how much they could make! (see corporate health care, or Google Bill Frist).

    How splendid it would have been for Social Security recipients to rely on the the tumbling Wall St. market...

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