Alley opposes light rail expansion to Milwaukie

Jeff Mapes, Oregonian:

Allen Alley, a Republican candidate for governor, on Monday said he wanted to halt expansion of light rail to Milwaukie. He said the project is too expensive and that some of the money should instead be spent replacing the Sellwood Bridge.

Read the full article here. Discuss below.

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    Will the state bond money be repaid by Tri-met or the state? Is this in fact state budget money or is Allen dipping into a local issue?

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    Good point, John. Also, it's a bit silly to compare apples and oranges. Alley's call-out quote, comparing the bridge to light rail, is a comment politicians could make on EVERY issue. Fortunately, we don't fund them in order of value as an election issue.

    Though you can't blame Alley for trying to change the race dynamics.

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