Go Beavs! National Champs!

BeavernationSunday night, the Oregon State Beavers won the second game of the best-of-three College World Series - forcing a deciding third game. (Update: Which they won!)

From ESPN's Pat Forde:

Five times in this CWS, the Beavers have taken the field on the verge of elimination. Five times, they have hocked a loogie into the eye of defeat and played on. They're harder to kill than crabgrass, tougher to evict than Cindy Sheehan outside W's ranch.

Losing their CWS opener to Miami by 10 runs put the Beavers on the endangered list, but nobody can force them into extinction.

Georgia tried first and failed. Miami flamed out in the rematch. Rice, the national No. 2 seed going into this NCAA Tournament, had two shots at Oregon State. The Owls not only couldn't get a win, they couldn't score a run.

Now, with a gutty-but-gutted pitching staff held together by ice packs and prayers, Oregon State has scrambled back off the ledge one more time. Six innings from elimination and five runs down Sunday night, the Beavers rallied to shock North Carolina 11-7 -- their greatest season extender yet.

Game 3 is underway now on ESPN. Discuss.

Update: They did it! The Beavs are the national champions in college baseball. Over the course of the tournament, they faced six elimination games and won every one - the first team in history to do so. From ESPN:

"I think we were picked to lose every game here," Gunderson said. "We came out and battled hard."

"You've got to be lucky to win a national championship," closer Kevin Gunderson said. "We got the right breaks when we needed them. Someone was looking out over our heads tonight. For everyone who doubted us all year, it proves we can play ball."

Update: National championship celebrations have been scheduled for Tuesday:

The celebrations are scheduled for noon at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland, and for 3 p.m. at Parker Plaza, located between Gill Coliseum and Reser Stadium.
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    Heh. I just came to post this very post. What else is left to say? Go Beavs!

    (No score at the middle of the second--Beavs are up to bat now.)

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    Nickerson is ON--he just struck out the side. Wooot!

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    Can you say Beavs are the champs! Best college baseball game I've seen in a while.

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    oh my god! has anyone checked to see if hell has frozen over?

    this is just too amazing and cool: a national champion in Corvallis. two years ago, the Beavers were so disrespected by the NCAA, they didn't even make the playoffs despite a great record. 2 seasons later, they are champs. what a great story, and done with kids from here. this s one that will last a long, long time.

    (along with all the UP soccer teams have done, too.)

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    way to go beavs! Great story, great heart and passion, great team.


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    So I finally couldn't stand it and went over to the Mission, which turned out to be an exceptional call. (I watched a couple of college football games there, both my teams lost, and I've been a little gunshy since.) Anyway, great to be there with a splinter of Beaver Nation, even for an interloper who was just swept up with the story.

    As to the game--I couldn't believe the Beavers got out of the eighth, and then the error to give them the run--whoo boy, who'da thunk they'd get a break like that?

    Great story--OSU now has its first nat championship in 45 years!

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    And I had to go to a meeting tonight. Dang.

    Saw the games last night and Friday night though. Unbelievable comeback last night.

    Both teams were heavy with kids from their home state. Heck of a lot of fun to watch.

  • psualum (unverified)

    Who cares?

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    The fact that they won is terrific, but I'm more impressed in the way they won. The play at the plate on the ground ball to third and the heads up hustle by the catcher to catch the runner between 2nd and 3rd exemplifies the whole season. Progressives should follow their example and always, always keep your head in the game.

  • EJ (unverified)

    To heck with the U of O football team and the Jail Blazers. This shows what is good about Oregon - and the fact that most of the players reside and come from the Pacific Northwest makes it all the more impressive. Good guys, good players, good championship.

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    This wasn't just an Oregon State win. It was a State of Oregon win. The team was almost entirely local high school grads. This was true non-professional ball. This was also true of North Carolina. Neither team had recruited nationally. It was like the World Cup of baseball.

    Unfortunately this story was not played in the national press since neither team was from a media market. The fact that this was the best quality baseball I have seen in years makes it doubly sad. I am tired of watching drug enhanced spoiled over-paid morons get all the media attention. What a relief to watch true sports again played at the highest level.

    Now why couldn't they play an exhibition game against the Portland Beavers. They could finally fill the stadium.

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    Game 1 was one of the best I've seen in a while...and a tough loss. Glad they could bounce back- congrats Beavers!

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    wow, I can't believe this is on BlueOregon. Who cares? I guess someone is still watching professional/college sports these days. But really, who cares???? Seems there's a lot more pressing games to be commented on - global warming, elections, getting out of Iraq without too many more war dead, pollution, species loss. how anyone can spend time watching sports (playing them, another thing IMHO), is beyond me. Why don't we have a column about world poker, for God's sake. Off soapbox....

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    There's a lot of crappy news to deal with out there, Albert. This is a legitimate good news story, starring young men of great will and character, who are largely from the state of Oregon. The game is just a game, but the people are well worth talking about. Relax--have a homebrew!

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    Unfortunately this story was not played in the national press since neither team was from a media market.

    Well, I don't think this is really a conspiracy. The CWS never gets any attention. I didn't even know it existed until grad school, and I'm not inattentive on sporty topics.

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    There's a lot of crappy news to deal with out there, Albert. This is a legitimate good news story, starring young men of great will and character, who are largely from the state of Oregon. The game is just a game, but the people are well worth talking about. Relax--have a homebrew!

    sports, and the watching of it en masse by our world is one of the a) biggest wastes of time I think we're all involved in, b) a way that men, particularly, get addicted to something that wastes their time, intellect, money, etc. c) why are sports segregated by gender at this late date? esp. in colleges? d) our gov't and corporations are only too glad to have people at home watching baseball instead of growing food, meeting their neighbors, changing the world - celebrating the win of some local guys who deserve merit, are we? How about celebrating the guys and gals who get together every month as a neighborhood association to figure out how to get people talking to one another?

    for starters.

    you have a homebrew, I have a world to fix.

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    World poker? You bet. Coming right up...

  • Pyrrhus (unverified)

    Albert --

    In the third century BC, King Pyrrhus asked his advisors if he should invade Africa. "Why would you want to do that?" they asked. Pyrrhus said that if they won Africa, it would be an excellent staging point from which to mount an attack on Southern Europe.

    "So?" inquired his advisors, "What do you want with Southern Eurpoe?" Pyrrhus replied that it would be a perfect way to attack the Roman Empire.

    "And then?..." And then, said Pyrrhus, no one would dare attack such might and they could sit in the sun all day drinking homebrews. [paraphrasing]

    "But sire," pointed out his advisors, "What's to stop you from doing that now?" But Pyrrhus, undaunted by the tasty hombrews of his kingdom, went out to change the world without taking time to have a cool frosty one first. And... I dunno... he was defeated or something.

    Moral of the story: Don't post on Blue Oregon after drinking too many homebrews.

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    Mr. Homebrew, I too can cut and paste, here's a non-sequitorial post for you from Harper's Magazine Readings section. You think my take on sports is harsh? Wait till you get my words on alcohol....

    Grandma's Little Helper

    Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2005. The following are among the 1,200 statements in the repertoire of “Yumel,” a talking doll for sale in Japan. The doll is marketed as a “healing partner” for nighttime use by the lonely elderly. According to Tomy, the doll’s manufacturer, over 8,000 have been sold to date. Translated from the Japanese by W. David Marx. Originally from Harper's Magazine, September 2005. SourcesI love you! Won’t you sleep with me? Promise! Did you brush your teeth? Ask me a lot about my dreams. I had a dream where Mr. Squirrel ate a huge cake. I had a dream where a chicken was washing dishes. I had a dream about a beach . . . Never mind, it’s a secret! Even though I slept a lot, I’m still sleepy. Are you waking up in the middle of the night? I want to help out around the house. I’d be very happy if you played with me. It feels good when you sing in a loud voice. Let’s do it together! Something smells good! Did you warm yourself up in the bath? I like soft ears. I like soft voices. I give you my treasure. I want to have a secret that’s just between us two. I want to go to the inside of a whale’s mouth. Someday I want to go over the rainbow. Right now, I want socks. Listen, listen! I had a dream. I ate a potato. And I was studying at school. Washing clothes is hard, isn’t it? Is going out shopping hard? I want cheese. Are you eating vegetables? I want to know about a lot of things. Why are bunnies’ eyes red? I wonder what kinds of dreams elephants have. It’s strange that fish can live in the ocean. Where does the wind come from and where does it go? I wonder why the stars don’t fall to the ground. The sky is so good and big. Why do you say moshi moshi when you answer the phone? It’s funny! It’s strange that sometimes you cry when you are laughing.

  • geno (unverified)

    What is the value of indulging in entertainment? For many it is a break from the daily grind. A frivolous moment of escape from which creativity might geminate. But hey, those of you too serious to care, thanks for staying on task while we indulgent ones revel in the vicarious joy of local student/athletes accomplishing the impossible dream. Now, during the brief respite, did we miss anything accomplished by the ever vigilant in our absence? Nope. All catastrophes seem fully functional. I wish I could share the sense of team, selflessness, passion, committment, and accomplishment I just witnessed. But, you really had to check in to understand. There is no sense of self-made martyrdom in Beaver Nation today baby! Helluve a drama - thanks players! Peace all!

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    Albert: "sports, and the watching of it en masse by our world is one of the a) biggest wastes of time I think we're all involved in, "

    tell that to the Greeks.

    I will NOT apologize for spending time appreciating the moral development and physical excellence of young men from Oregon. There are many poor values espoused by many miscreants in sport--why should sport be any different from the rest of society? But if you'd taken the time to waste a couple hours on these kids, you'd have seen some of the best that humans have to offer each other: heart, determination, goal-oriented focus, teamwork (cooperation), respect and love. While you were railing about the mindlessness of sports, I was being moved by the story of Jonathan Casey, the coach's son who suffered brain damage at birth but accepts no pity for his condition--and literally brings humility and a smile to everyone he comes in contact with as he supports his dad's team.

    There is much to be cynical about in today's world, and right here in Oregon. I fully appreciate that, and on most days I join you in seeking to address the problems of the day and make lasting change for the better. But you're missing out today, Albert. This is about a lot more than a kid's game.

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    How interesting, "This is about a lot more than a kid's game."

    over lunch, I read this great article by David Korten in Yes Magazine. Here's the link


    it's about story-telling and how mostly the stories we hear are being told by the right, these days.

    I'm glad those of you who got something great from this story, did. Just seems to take up way too much time/space in the national/world psyche in my mind. I'd rather see more people out playing, repairing intersections, growing gardens... instead of a Sports section, I'd like to see a Health section - ways to get in shape, good food to eat.

    Instead, we get hockey, baseball, football, tennis, golf stats...

    glad the game went well, and that the story is a fine one. Go Beavers! Wonder how actual Beavers are doing these days...

  • Albert (unverified)

    My apologies for the earlier outbursts. I didn't realize how big a deal this is for everyone. Please, go, enjoy the homebrew, have fun, celebrate. You can take the day off tomorrow, and we're giving you a raise! Champagne all around! Congratulations Beavers.

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    Future PAC has three proud Beaver alums on staff - myself, Michele Rosolo and Ivo Trummer, graduate of the University of Vienna. The University of Vienna Beavers that is. Rumor has it that Future PAC staff were caught on tape by channel six celbrating wildly after the final out on Monday night.

    Anyway, I'd like to point out that blue oregon readers can deliver more Beaver victories in the fall. Here's our roster of OSU Alums working hard to help bring a Democratic majority back to the Oregon House -

    Chris Edwards, House District 14 Sara Gelser, House District 16 Brian Clem, House District 21 Mike Caudle, House District 39 (Wayne Scott's district)

    -Clem and Caudle are both former OSU Student Body Presidents.

    Go Beavs!!!!!!

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    Albert- I wasn't going to get into this, but the discussion's been rattling around in my head all day. So here goes.

    I shared your sentiment from roughly age 14 to 24. That changed - I won't bore you with the details of why. I think I can speak to why sports are important to me, but I won't presume to comment on their value to society as a whole.

    From playing basketball, I've learned to walk with confidence when around other people. That alone has had an enormous impact on my quality of life. As a kid I was in a performing dance group and I also took judo, which you might think could play the same role. For me, they really didn't.

    I've gotten a little better at detecting hints of people's character from the way they carry themselves physically.

    I've learned the value of letting waves of emotion pass by, rather than trying to process every little disagreement. Within a team, that can be good for building unity; in competition it can keep it more "sportsmanlike."

    I've learned that there's no such thing as a "natural leader." No matter what talents you take to a game, hard work toward the goal - and the hard work of getting to know the team you aspire to lead - have no substitute.

    From coaching little league, I've seen that self-management of emotion and stress are of far greater importance than building a toolbox of technical skills.

    And that ideas that seem obvious often need to be explained in a lot more detail than one might assume. And that kids are grateful for the information, if you can find the right way to give it - it feeds their minds and frees up their creativity.

    I've also gotten to know a lot of dedicated parents and coaches that I wouldn't have met otherwise, and who are a new source of inspiration in my life.

    And from watching and playing any number of sports, I have often had an opportunity to appreciate beauty.

    I'll make one generalization, which is that it's definitely possible for sports to become an obsession, and I agree that's a problem. But taking anything to an extreme is a problem...whether it's alcoholism, or locking yourself in an ivory tower that prevents you from getting to know your neighbors, or listening to talk radio 24/7, or whatever. Everything in moderation.

    A little sports talk now and then on Blue Oregon only increases the diversity of what goes on here. It allows some of us to get to know one another better. If that doesn't apply to you, that's a shame...but I'm sure there are plenty of other topics that do.

  • Albert (unverified)

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks for your perspective. I liked the part about getting to know each other better. And, how you've learned things from practicing and coaching sports, that I can appreciate. There does seem to be a big imbalance in our society, though - way too much spectating (unless you're all seeing a lot of beauty :)

    and, there are other problems, too, of course. The military seems to be pretty awful for (mostly) men. Alcohol, drugs, pornography, all places that rob men of time - rob their families of their time, and just seem to be the glue to making mens' lives shallow and hard. So, I'll keep trying to fight against having a MLB team or NASCAR racetrack come to Portland.

    and appreciate your thoughts.

    Go Beavs! May you make many dams and chomp on many trees!

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    Let me pile on (haw!) and say how impressed with this Beaver team I was.

    Carolina is scary good - their pitching rotation features not one, but two first round draft picks. One of those they got from the hometown of the University of Florida, which has its own pretty decent history with the College World Series. That kid, Flack is a danger every time he comes to bat - could take you deep, or take your head off, you pick.

    The Beavs were sending guys out to the bump on 2 days rest, except Gunderson, who didn't get any. This was all down to the pitching; guys can get their four at-bats a game and play the field, but pitching every day, even in relief, can have serious long-term consequences. The fact that Jonah Nickerson, Dallas Buck, and Kevin Gunderson not only did that, but didn't get shelled in the process, is heroic. Base hits, duct tape, string, and brains. That's your Beavers, and they beat down the team everybody was afraid of at this World Series.

    Eff yeah, Oregon State. You shouldn't even have to lift up your beer, much less pay for it, for the next month or so.

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    Who cares? psualum asks....

    There's always one in the crowd... ready to deride any sports lovin' progressive. Well, psu, I guess that's you 'cuz at least Albert has been willing to engage in some discussion and develop some understanding about all of us sports-crazed nut cases.

    Simplisticly speaking, sports is about community, teamwork, and achievement. It's about the interdependence of teammates and the vicarious thrill of the fans. It's about understanding the game, because, hey, you played a little ball. It's about toasting the team and extolling it's victory with that stranger down the bar.

    It's too bad the commited "Who cares" folks don't get it.... but then again, who cares...

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    KC, just a little reality check - to you it may be about all of that, but to those who run the show, it's about money. it's about selling advertising. And, as I said earlier, it seems that the government loves it as well - both to keep people (mostly men) distracted from what (I think) really matters. It also serves in some way to be a support system for war, and competition in general. So, I do think there is a lot to be said for critisizing professional sports and our nation's/world's obsession with them. And, at the same time, I like the analysis above - that this is a forum where we get to know each other better, and this is one topic that there is some commaraderie about and we can't always be just about changing the world :)

    Oh for the days of capture the flag! Now there's a sport :)

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    Oh for the days of capture the flag! Now there's a sport :)

    Hmmm.... just had a conversation yesterday with a friend about the idea of launching a Portland Adult Capture the Flag League.


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    Albert, I could go into a 70 page treatise in which I observe both the good and bad of the sports world. I am under no illusion that the almighty dollar plays a significant role. In fact, as a former womens field hockey player on a team that got dumped from official status - and after Title 9, to boot - I could get real specific with you, and tell you more than you care to know about how the dollars dominate the collegiate sports scene.

    But here's a reality check for you. ANY enterprise in this country is guided by the dollar, and to blame the sports world is backwards logic.

    A distraction form real issues?... Sure, just as much as American Idol, Entertainment Tonight, or the local kntting club. Ultimately its up to the individual to determine when and when not to be distracted.

    And you say: "It serves in some way to be a support system for war?"????????

    Okay, you're gonna have to explain that one to me!

    Meanwhile, I am up for some Capture the Flag, some Flag Football, or a Progressive Softball Tournament!

  • Susan Abe (unverified)

    I'm sorry, I can't let that stand. Surely there is no issue more real than the local knitting club!

    <h2>And, KC, I think you need to parse the pseudonym "psualum" to understand the point of that post.</h2>
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