Filing Day 2012: The Big Board, Oregon House

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Today at the state capitol, there will be a gathering in the House chamber for the last few hours of filing day. Lots of lobbyists, hacks, reporters, and politicians hang out to watch the Big Board of candidate filings.

So, I thought we'd do the same here. This is the Big Board for the House. (Check out Senate races here.)

I'll be updating throughout the day (though if you see an update I don't have, be sure to post it in the comments!)

As of Tuesday 9:22 p.m. (This appears to be the final update.)

Democratic open seats

The two coastal seats - HD-9 and HD-10 - are the two that Democrats are likely most concerned about, as they've been very competitive races in the past. Republicans probably think they have a shot at HD-40, but the district leans Democratic and Brent Barton is a relentless campaigner.

In HD-36, there's a competitive primary featuring Sharon Meieran and Jennifer Williamson (who doesn't appear to have filed yet.) And in HD-47, there are three Democrats vying for Rep. Smith's seat. Update, 4:20 p.m.: Williamson has now filed. Interestingly, she appears to be the only legislative candidate in the state to file via petition, rather than by simply paying a fee.

9DEMCaddy McKeownIncumbent: Rep. Arnie Roblan
9GOPNancy Brouhard 
10GOPJerome GrantIncumbent: Rep. Jean Cowan
10DEMDavid Gomberg 
10GOPDann Cutter 
12DEMJohn LivelyIncumbent: Rep. E. Terry Beyer
12DEMSandra L. Mann 
12GOPJody Scott 
12GOPJoe Pishioneri 
36DEMBenjamin Jay BarberIncumbent: Rep. Mary Nolan
36DEMJennifer Williamson 
36DEMSharon Meieran 
36GOPBruce Neal 
40DEMBrent BartonIncumbent: Rep. Dave Hunt
40GOPSteve Newgard 
47DEMAndrew HaynesIncumbent: Rep. Jefferson Smith
47DEMJessica Vega Pederson 
47DEMThuy Tran 
47GOPMaggie Nelson 

Republican open seats

As might be expected in this heavily Republican district, there are no Democrats seeking HD-56.

56GOPGail WhitsettIncumbent: Rep. Bill Garrard
56GOPTracey Liskey 

Democrats with Republican challengers

The Republicans seem to have decided that the thing to do is line up no-hope challengers to a bunch of safe Democratic incumbents - particularly in Washington and Lane counties.

Rep. Betty Komp, of course, almost always has a tough race in HD-22. Her opponent hasn't started raising money yet, and I'm not yet clear on how her district shifted in the new map, so we'll be watching that one. Update, 4:20 p.m.: Komp has now drawn a second GOP opponent - Kathy LeCompte, owner of Brooks Tree Fram and the past chair of the Nursery PAC (a group that has fought tooth and nail against minimum wage laws.) Looks like a serious challenge. Once again, it's all hands on deck for Betty Komp.

Update, 8:45 p.m.: Rep. Debbie Boone (D-Cannon Beach) has now drawn an opponent. Jim Welsh is the owner of Manzanita Fresh Foods and a Nehalem City Council member. Also, Rep. Brian Clem (D-Salem) has drawn an opponent. Dan Farrington owns a business that provides some sort of operational assistance to medical office. While Boone seems to always face a tough race, Clem seems to have consolidated support in his previously tough swing district.

5DEMRep. Peter Buckley 
5GOPSandra A. Abercrombie 
8DEMRep. Paul R Holvey 
8GOPAaron Baker 
11DEMRep. Phil Barnhart 
11GOPJacob Daniels 
11GOPKelly Lovelace 
13DEMRep. Nancy Nathanson 
13GOPMark Callahan 
14DEMRep. Val Hoyle 
14GOPDwight Coon 
16DEMRep. Sara A. Gelser 
16GOPAndrew Decker 
21DEMRep. Brian Clem 
21GOPDan Farrington 
22DEMRep. Betty Komp 
22GOPKathy LeCompte 
22GOPTom M Chereck Jr 
27DEMRep. Tobias Read 
27GOPBurton Keeble 
28DEMRep. Jeff Barker 
28GOPManuel Castaneda 
31DEMRep. Brad Witt 
31GOPLew Barnes 
32DEMRep. Deborah Boone 
32GOPJim Welsh 
33DEMRep. Mitch Greenlick 
33GOPStevan Kirkpatrick 
34DEMRep. Chris Harker 
34GOPDan Mason 
35DEMRep. Margaret Doherty 
35GOPJohn Goodhouse 
38DEMRep. Chris Garrett 
38GOPGary Corgan 
38GOPTom Maginnis 
41DEMRep. Carolyn Tomei 
41GOPSam Cantrell 
41GOPTimothy E McMenamin 
44DEMRep. Tina Kotek 
44GOPDaniel Ticknor 
44GOPMichael Harrington 
45DEMRep. Michael Dembrow 
45GOPAnne Marie Gurney 
50DEMRep. Greg Matthews 
50GOPLogan Boettcher 

Republicans with Democratic challengers

By contrast, the Democrats appear to have recruited a bunch of top challengers to Republicans.

In particular, we'll be closely watching the primary race in HD-29 between Ben Unger and Katie Riley for the right to face off against Rep. Katie Eyre.

Metro Councilor Carl Hosticka will be a formidable challenger to Rep. Julie Parrish in HD-37. Shemia Fagan, a David Douglas School Board member, has put together a very tough challenge to Rep. Patrick Sheehan in HD-51 (and I'm told that the district shifted substantially toward the Democrats in in the new map.)

And I'm hearing great things about two others: In HD-49, Chris Gorsek - a former Portland Police officer and criminal justice instructor at MHCC - recently announced his challenge to Rep. Matt Wand. And in HD-30, Adriana Cañas - a Hillsboro School Board member - is taking on Rep. Shawn Lindsay. Expect to hear a lot more about Gorsek and Cañas in the weeks to come.

Update, 4:20 p.m.: Speaker Bruce Hanna now has two Democratic challengers. Hard to imagine either would make a race of it, but here's holding out hope.

1GOPRep. Wayne Krieger 
1DEMJim Klahr 
7DEMFergus Mclean 
7DEMSusan Applegate 
7GOPRep. Bruce Hanna 
15GOPRep. Andy Olson 
15DEMJohn-Paul Cernak 
17DEMRichard Harisay 
17GOPRep. Sherrie Sprenger 
19GOPRep. Kevin Cameron 
19DEMClaudia Kyle 
20GOPRep. Vicki Berger 
20DEMKathy T Graham 
23DEMRoss Swartzendruber 
23GOPRep. Jim Thompson 
24GOPRep. Jim Weidner 
24DEMKathy Campbell 
25GOPRep. Kim Thatcher 
25DEMSharon Freeman 
26GOPRep. Matt Wingard 
26DEMWynne Wakkila 
29GOPRep. Katie Eyre 
29DEMBen Unger 
29DEMKatie Riley 
30GOPRep. Shawn Lindsay 
30DEMAdriana H Cañas 
37GOPRep. Julie Parrish 
37DEMCarl Hosticka 
39GOPRep. Bill Kennemer 
39DEMChristopher Cameron Bangs 
49GOPRep. Matthew Wand 
49DEMChristopher Gorsek 
51GOPRep. Patrick Sheehan 
51DEMShemia Fagan 
52GOPRep. Mark Johnson 
52DEMMarv Hollingsworth 
52DEMPeter Nordbye 
54GOPRep. Jason Conger 
54DEMNathan R. Hovekamp 
55GOPRep. Mike McLane 
55DEMJohn Huddle 
59GOPRep. John E Huffman 
59DEMGary L Ollerenshaw 

Democrats with primary challengers

This is absurd. John Sweeney is a perennial candidate. Not sure why he's causing trouble for Rep. Jules Bailey, one of the best legislators in the building. Update, 9:22 p.m.: Sweeney is no longer running against Bailey, shifting over instead to run against Congressman Greg Walden. Yeah, that's a better choice!

Also, by the close of filing day, I expect HD-48 to move here - with a primary challenger or two for Rep. Mike Schaufler. That's been long-awaited and will be a much bigger story. Update, 10:15 a.m.: It's official - Jeff Reardon is taking on Rep. Schaufler. Update, 9:22 p.m.: And, of note, former Labor Commissioner Mary Wendy Roberts is not.

48DEMRep. Mike Schaufler 
48DEMJeff Reardon 
48GOPGeorge (Sonny) Yellott 

Republicans with primary challengers

Rep. Bob Jenson has picked up three primary challengers and a Democratic opponent. I haven't been watching this one until now - so stay tuned.

Update, 4:26 p.m.: A Republican named Jack Swift has filed for HD-3, currently held by Rep. Wally Hicks. For now, I've got it here - but Hicks is expected to jump into the Senate race vacated by Sen. Jason Atkinson. Update, 11:27 p.m.: Forgot to note this here -- Hicks didn't budge. No word on whether Swift drops out, or whether this is a legit primary challenge.

3GOPJack Swift 
3GOPRep. Wally Hicks 
58GOPRep. Bob Jenson 
58DEMHeidi Van Schoonhoven 
58GOPBrent H Smith 
58GOPEli Stephens 
58GOPJack L Esp 

Incumbents without challengers

There's not a lot that's surprising here, except HD-32, where Rep. Debbie Boone had just 52% in 2010. Update, 8:45 p.m. Boone now has a challenger. See above.

42DEMRep. Jules Bailey 
43DEMRep. Lew Frederick 
46DEMRep. Alissa Keny-Guyer 
2GOPRep. Tim Freeman 
4GOPRep. Dennis Richardson 
6GOPRep. Sal C Esquivel 
18GOPRep. Vic Gilliam 
53GOPRep. Gene Whisnant 
57GOPRep. Greg Smith 
60GOPRep. Cliff Bentz 

All in all, it seems to me that the upside is mostly on the Democratic side.

Anything I've missed? Let's hear it in the comments.

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    Full disclosure: My firm built campaign websites for Sharon Meieran, Brent Barton, Val Hoyle, Tobias Read, Chris Garrett, Greg Matthews, Jules Bailey, and Brian Clem. I speak only for myself.

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    Just updated the big board. The big news is that Mike Schaufler now has a primary opponent, Jeff Reardon. More about Reardon here.

    Chris Garrett and John Huffman both drew challengers, though I don't expect either to be serious challenges. And there's a second Republican candidate in HD-12.

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    There's not a lot that's surprising here, except HD-32, where Rep. Debbie Boone had just 52% in 2010.

    Maybe they just wanted to light up her life.

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    What can you tell us about Wynne Wakkila as a candidate?

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      She is an energetic activist who has made working against human trafficking her life's work. Glad to see her getting involved at the legislative level. Hopefully she'll give Winegard a run for his money!

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    Kari: What would your client, Sharon Meieran, think about you adding "Rep." in front of Jennifer Williamson's name? ;-)

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    Thank for the comprehensive big board, btw! Very helpful

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    Rep. Boone has an opponent. Jim Welsh filed at 4:41 as Republican.

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    Jim Klahr's run against Rep. Wayne Kreiger in District 1 is a serious effort.

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    Argh. Just discovered a bunch of little data errors that appeared last night -- putting "Rep." in front of a bunch of non-incumbents.

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    A comment about Maggie Nelson, the lone GOP candidate in HD 47. Nelson managed to get elected last year to the Mt. Hood CC Board in MHCC District 3; she is active with the local Multnomah GOP and has some campaign chops. She is not to be underestimated, and the footwork and positive groundwork laid in the Democratic Primary will be important for a win in November. Mid County IS Democratic in terms or registration, but also falls below County averages in turnout.

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