Jeff Alworth

Jeff Alworth's mother fled her ancestral clan in eastern Oregon for the lights of the big city - Boise - robbing Jeff of his Oregon birthright. He addresses this inadequacy with prodigious displays of flannel and beer drinking. Jeff hosted Notes on the Atrocities and the Oregon Blog since January 2003 - which he retired to work on Blue Oregon. Jeff is a freelance writer and a researcher at Portland State University in the Graduate School of Social Work. An entirely different constituency knows him for his enthusiasm about beer.

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August 25, 2008Denver: Day 1
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August 23, 2008Dem Convention: What Do You Want to Hear?
August 13, 2008Myth-Busters Follow-up - Rising Tide Sinking Boats
August 13, 2008Still Bitter
August 06, 2008The Senate Race Through Jeff Mapes' Eyes
August 04, 2008Myth-Busters: Gas Production

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