OR-House: Gallegos to challenge Shawn Lindsay in HD 30

Carla Axtman

This morning in Hillsboro, the Washington County Democrats held their nominating convention, deciding on Joe Gallegos as the candidate to take on Republican incumbent Shawn Lindsay for the House District 30 seat.

Gallegos was chosen over Hillsboro resident David Robinson.

According to the press release from Future PAC, Gallegos has already put together his campaign team and is ready to mount an aggressive challenge to Lindsay.

Gallegos is professor emeritus at the University of Portland. He is the owner of the consulting firm Western Research Associates and is a long-time leader in the Latino community. Gallegos has also done state and national social policy work as a fellow at the American Leadership Forum of Oregon.

Democrats that I've spoken with in the community are very strong on Gallegos and believe that he can beat Lindsay. This seems reasonable given we're in a Presidential cycle (turnout should be much higher than in 2010--which favors Democrats, especially in Oregon).

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    Very good. He sounds like a great fit for the district. Go! Fight! Win! Washington County Dems! Thanks for posting this Carla...

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    Congratulations to Joe and his district. As someone who has known him for several years personally and professionally, there is no finer human being or more capable, prepared candidate for the legislature than Joe Gallegos.

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