Pat Ryan

Once a registered Libertarian, Pat Ryan decided to join the Democrats after the 2000 election meltdown. Though he "disagrees with party dogma on a broad range of issues, my wife Christine and I are now spending every free moment trying to get Dems elected." His hobbies? "Riding motorcycles, blowing up appliances with a 12 gauge shotgun, critical thinking and fact based reasoning." Pat Ryan lives southeast of Sandy, Oregon in the shadow of Mount Hood. A native Oregonian, he has traveled widely and spent four years in Paraguay and a year and a half in Iran in 1977-78.

October 16, 2012Slings and Arrows in the HD 52 Race
April 07, 2012Standing out in the Crowd for the Right Reasons
September 16, 2011Uncle Walt and the Windmills
November 18, 2010Beating Dead Horses
August 12, 2010Reefer Madness-or the song remains the same
March 03, 2010Jesse's Got a Plan
January 21, 2010Love in the Time of Cholera
December 25, 2009Will any of us recognize reform when we see it?
November 16, 2009Feet to the Fire
October 26, 2009Because we aren't Grownups
October 19, 2009Learning to love Assimilation in Sunriver
September 28, 2009Take the Red Pill
July 01, 2009Once more Dear Friends
April 14, 2009Tea Parties and Pirates
November 18, 2008We can have it all and I wanna Tesla, but I'll settle for
November 11, 2008Pressure Relief or Policy Director
November 06, 2008Hook 'Em
October 26, 2008Surpri-i-i-se? I Mean, it is October.
September 17, 2008Alright you Nattering Nabobs, Once More Into the Breach
July 30, 2008Getting Barack Wrong: Lessons from the Chicago School
July 24, 2008Bootstraps or Jackboots for the Parasites
June 23, 2008Losin' My Religion
June 06, 2008The Semi-Serious Quadrennial Party Party
May 15, 2008Hillary For.............
May 11, 2008Yetanotherpoll--and Gordo's still running scared
May 05, 2008Obama, Street Money, and Webb's Kidz
April 24, 2008Obama and the Legitimacy of Grievance
February 01, 2008Whatever it Takes
January 30, 2008Merkley reaches out to the Beardroots
December 28, 2007Before you make Resolutions for '08
November 25, 2007Faith
October 02, 2007It Ain't no Fun When the Rabbit's Got the Gun
March 07, 2007Chihuahua Rampage
February 13, 2007Victory Anywhere Any Time
January 29, 2007Doing the DPO Laundry
January 23, 2007Chaos in the service of Order
August 11, 2006Dr. Bushlove...
May 06, 2006Nuts and Bolts and Unions
April 01, 2006Has Luntz gone Ronin?
March 10, 2006Texas in my Rearview Mirror
December 26, 2005The Guns of Clackamas County
November 02, 2005Spontaneous Regeneration
June 26, 2005That Old Time Religion just ain't good enough for me
May 17, 2005Rick, you da man.
May 11, 2005State of Emergency
April 13, 2005Wyden on Negroponte
April 04, 2005The Arrogance of Advocacy
March 13, 2005Two Sides to Every Story
February 21, 2005Motorcycle Helmets: Let those who ride decide.
January 12, 2005Wild-eyed Libertarians

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