Carla Axtman

Carla Axtman is a political animal and blogger. She started blogging in 2004 as a response to the malaise and frustration of progressive politics & politics on both the national & local levels. Carla specializes in online organizing and communications. Another politico recently referred to her thusly: "...a cross between a pitbull, a barracuda and a scorpion. ... She's ferocious."

April 05, 2012HD-48: Jeff Reardon picks up legislator endorsements in primary race against Mike Schaufler
April 04, 2012Metro: Who should you vote for? Bike Walk Vote says it ought to be these guys.
April 03, 2012Bike Walk Vote endorses Schouten for WaCo Commission
March 02, 2012Concealed hand and gun licenses, privacy and the fourth estate
March 01, 2012Why is Dave Hunt dissing land use policy he voted for?
February 29, 2012As seen today at the Oregon Legislature
February 28, 2012Oregon House Republicans could give a rip if you get screwed by big banks
February 28, 2012Metro wants your opinion except when they don't.
February 27, 2012Rick Santorum is Un-American
February 23, 2012Oregon Legislature: Some of the news that's fit to print
February 10, 2012OR-AG: Katherine Heekin bows out
February 08, 2012Matt Wingard blocks child abuse bill
February 02, 2012Avakian re-ups for Labor Commissioner
January 30, 2012WaCo: Aiding & abetting the enemies list
January 24, 2012WaCo: More trouble for Duyck
January 20, 2012The Oregon Conservation Network tees up for the 2012 session
January 19, 2012WaCo: Andy Duyck's Enemies List
January 18, 2012Dumping Yamhill County
January 17, 2012Weathergeddon 2012: Batten down yer hatches
January 16, 2012OR-1: Cornilles' pollster says race is tightening
January 09, 2012Oregon's AG Race begins to take shape
January 04, 2012Cedar Mill vs City of Beaverton, and so it begins
January 03, 2012Metro's Opt In survey: questioning the questioners
December 30, 2011Farm-o-liciousnes
December 28, 2011WaCo: Duyck speaks up
December 27, 2011Update: Beaverton takes its turn to drive the Washington County steamroller
December 26, 2011Beaverton takes its turn to drive the Washington County mafia steamroller
December 22, 2011SD-17: A thought on progressive activism, or lack thereof
December 21, 2011SD-17: Elizabeth Steiner Hayward appointed to Oregon Senate
December 20, 2011OR-1: Bonamici votes like a liberal. In other news, water is still wet.
December 19, 2011My abortion didn't make me crazy, Part II
December 16, 2011OR-1: New Poll: Bonamici WAY up
December 15, 2011Maletis mystery: what's up with this?
December 14, 2011OR-1: Cornilles' blame face
December 11, 2011SD-17: Harker, Steiner Hayward, move forward
December 05, 2011SD-14: Gary Coe's "inconceivable" moment
December 04, 2011Anatomy of a disconnect: The Lariviere firing
December 01, 2011Merkley pushes for faster withdrawal from Afghanistan
November 22, 2011Ballsy: Kitzhaber stops all death penalty executions for his term in office
November 21, 2011Portland jobless rate falls again-rural Oregon, not so much
November 21, 2011Anti-Choicers prepare to make intiative drive in Oregon
November 18, 2011In which Earl makes my Friday
November 15, 2011Observations on Occupy Portland & other complicated stuff
November 14, 2011OLCV hires new executive director
November 11, 2011The Triumph of Evil
November 10, 2011OR-1: Dems fire up the base; send Bonamici off to battle
November 07, 2011Oregon meets the Jetsons: voting by iPad
November 03, 2011OR-Sen: Merkley at the halfway point
October 28, 2011OR-1: Blumenauer "runs down" Cornilles
October 21, 2011Article of Faith

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