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Dec. 23, 2020 Albert Kaufman Georgia
Aug. 4, 2020 A history of radical and racist Portland
Apr. 26, 2020 Kari Chisholm Sign the petition: We need vote by mail for all
Dec. 23, 2019 Kari Chisholm Final pre-census estimate: Oregon's getting a sixth congressional seat
Jun. 9, 2019 Albert Kaufman Polluted by Money - How corporate cash corrupted one of the greenest states in America
Apr. 29, 2019 Ensuring access to Oregon's 2020 DNC delegate process
Jan. 2, 2019 Albert Kaufman Our Democrat Representatives in Action - What's on your wish list?
Dec. 21, 2018 Kari Chisholm Reapportionment: Stay on target, stay on target
Sep. 25, 2018 A Punch from the Left
Mar. 15, 2018 Kari Chisholm Tell Republicans: Reject the NRA
Feb. 20, 2018 Albert Kaufman Yes, of course - Pass House Bill 4145 Democratically Run Oregon Senate
Jan. 22, 2018 Diversity is not an option
Jan. 4, 2018 Merkley Sticks His Neck Out Against Pipeline, For Clean Energy Jobs
Dec. 21, 2017 Kari Chisholm Yes, Oregon, we're on track for a sixth congressional seat
Oct. 27, 2017 Rick North The Major Fluoride Risk Study You Never Heard Of
Sep. 30, 2017 Albert Kaufman $6,000 Oregon Tax Credit for installing solar is ending at the end of 2017
Jul. 31, 2017 Nicholas Caleb Climate Champions Don't Permit Dirty Fracked Gas Terminals
Jul. 26, 2017 Ethanol ain't all it's cracked up to be!
Jul. 21, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff A tax credit for BS and six other Oregon tax policy changes you may have missed
Jun. 29, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff Get on with it, Oregon Senate majority: end the “suits and scrubs” giveaway
Jun. 21, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff Reason to hope for a commercial activities tax (CAT) accompanied by a CAT Fairness Credit
Jun. 20, 2017 Republican health care plan is a disaster for Oregon’s Economy
Jun. 20, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff The average Oregonian might rightly ask, “The CAT? Why all the fuss?”
Jun. 19, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff People pay taxes on gross receipts, so why not businesses?
Jun. 18, 2017 Carla Hanson PRIDE-ish
Jun. 16, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff Public structures and quality of life matter, not state rankings
Jun. 10, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff This time, what’s good for Kansas is good for Oregon
Jun. 8, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff How to push back against misleading claims about state spending that seek to derail a revenue-raising package
Jun. 6, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff Lights out at a Brighter Oregon
Jun. 2, 2017 Oregon needs a statewide transportation package for the next generation
May. 31, 2017 Oregon Ground Zero in Congress’ Attack on Science
May. 26, 2017 Will Oregon Democrats Betray Renters ?
May. 24, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff Pink slips for teachers, a big tax cut for the wealthy
May. 15, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff Small voices with a big stake in state budget outcome
May. 10, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff A gross receipts tax? Oregon already has one
May. 1, 2017 Don’t know much about civics: Overwhelming majority (93%) of U.S. adults believe civics education should be bolstered in public schools
May. 1, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff This May Day, think of not just flowers, but of how Oregon’s economy can do better for its workers
Apr. 20, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff Clearing the smoke on the pot tax
Apr. 14, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff 8 key things to know about Oregon corporate taxes
Apr. 12, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff Oregonians need homes, not tax shelters
Apr. 12, 2017 Will business groups speak up in opposition to Priority Oregon or hide behind their shirt tails?
Mar. 31, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff Who needs a housing subsidy more?
Mar. 24, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff A ready-made solution for protecting Oregon’s homeless children
Mar. 21, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff Whom does Greg Walden represent?
Mar. 20, 2017 Hey Salem! Renters Have an Emergency: Pass HB2004.
Mar. 16, 2017 The Big Quake is Coming: Is Portland Prepared?
Mar. 10, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff The rich families’ down-payment assistance program
Mar. 2, 2017 BerniePDX: PPS Charter School Proponents Do Not Honor Sanders' Values or Public Schools
Feb. 28, 2017 Hey, white progressives, stop attacking people of color with unfounded lies.
Feb. 15, 2017 Chuck Sheketoff 13 ways to address Oregon's revenue shortfall

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