Reapportionment: Stay on target, stay on target

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It's late December, and the Census Bureau is here to play. They've got the latest population estimates for each of the 50 states -- and my inner population data nerd is ready to have some fun. For over a decade, I've been tracking Oregon's progress toward a sixth congressional seat.

And you know what? In 2016, we projected a sixth seat for the first time, and we're right on target.

Our sixth seat this year ranks #430, so nicely outside the bubble. (The last seat is #435.)

Last year, we worried about a Trump trade-war recession. We should probably still be worried about that, but the time horizon for causing that to blow up our 2021 population count is fast receding.

For what it's worth, if the 2018 census estimates are right, Texas will pick up two seats. States picking up one are: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, and Oregon. States losing one are: Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.


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