Kevin Kamberg

Kevin is the creator and craftsman behind Oregon Rain Sticks. He also serves on the Historic Landmarks Board for the City of Forest Grove, Oregon.

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Jun. 09, 2009Q & A with Senator Merkley
May. 06, 2009Keep on rockin' in Oregon
Mar. 16, 2009Stop, children, what's that sound...
Feb. 07, 2009Tax cuts = Conservative's "pork"
Jan. 31, 2009Newseum
Jan. 30, 2009Sweet Leaf, Green Leaf
Nov. 30, 2008If nothing changes then nothing changes
Nov. 05, 2008DPO election night party - the pics!
Oct. 26, 2008Flippity floppity. Which is the real Gordon Smith?
Oct. 22, 2008Gordo just doesn't get it and probably never will
Oct. 15, 2008Joe the Plumber and me
Oct. 14, 2008Borrow & Spend Republicans stay true to form
Oct. 05, 2008Sarah Palin resorts to using Tucker Eskew's depraved tactics
Oct. 01, 2008Borrow-and-spend Republicans in Congress holding nation hostage
Sep. 29, 2008The insane GOP game of Deregulation Russian Roulette
Sep. 21, 2008Time for a PSA: McCains for Obama
Sep. 14, 2008Why Change?
Sep. 13, 2008NRSC turning off Oregon moderates
Sep. 07, 2008Ore Republican Party owes Kerry, Oregonians an apology
Sep. 05, 2008Still an Ex-McCainiac
Sep. 04, 2008Day 3 - Where's Gordo? "Friends" Edition
Sep. 03, 2008Day two - Where's Gordo?
Sep. 02, 2008Where's Gordo? Day One
Aug. 31, 2008Barack Obama: 21st Century Abraham Lincoln
Aug. 21, 2008Bush tightens legal chastity belt - what will Gordo do?
Aug. 16, 2008Gordon Smith's opulent office digs reveal his hypocrisy
Aug. 08, 2008Now that's what I'm talkin' about
Jul. 25, 2008Lettin' our hair down for the weekend
Jul. 19, 2008"This is one emergency we can't drill our way out of."
Jun. 22, 2008Nuclear power as a stopgap to geothermal power
May. 20, 2008Live-blog from the KGW newsroom
May. 20, 2008Live-blogging the election returns
May. 12, 2008Gordon Smith: Oh no! Its an election year! Time to "moderate up!"
May. 11, 2008Reinhard calls election a week early
May. 03, 2008Humane Society Legislative Fund endorses?
Apr. 27, 2008KATU Senate Debate - Merkley stole the show
Apr. 24, 2008Merkley snags a 3rd LGBT group's endorsement
Apr. 21, 2008Has Gordo lost his conservative base?
Apr. 15, 2008Post-Debate thoughts and observations
Apr. 14, 2008Has Obama hurt himself in small-town Oregon?
Apr. 08, 2008Craig Robinson on Obama
Mar. 30, 2008Edwards Supporters - share the wealth
Mar. 25, 2008A Teachable Moment
Mar. 16, 2008A Marching We Will Go...
Mar. 12, 2008The Conservative's Conundrum: Gay Marriage or Civil Unions (for all)
Mar. 09, 2008OR Senate Race - The OEA Endorsement
Mar. 07, 2008What song rocks your world?

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