Michael O'Leary

Michael O’Leary’s first volunteer organizing experience was as a high school student, leading a walk-out during the 1987 Eugene teachers strike. Since then, he has worked on electoral campaigns, with organized labor, and for conservation advocacy organizations. An amature photographer and a certified marine mammal naturalist, Michael looks forward to spending his spare time up in the San Juans with the killer whales, but more often can be found riding his bike around town. Currently Michael is a consultant designing and implementing campaigns relating to pollution, climate, and energy policy.

PublishedTitle Comments
Aug. 18, 2014Yakama Nation to Coal: And Stay Out.
Jul. 11, 2014The Yakama Nation vs. Coal Pollution
Feb. 12, 2014Governor Kitzhaber vs. Coal
Jun. 30, 2013The CRC money is just sitting there. Are you gonna take it?
Jun. 25, 2013Obama rolls up his sleeves and calls out coal in the fight against climate change
Jun. 11, 2013Dept. of Interior reports taxpayers are losing millions to coal companies
Apr. 02, 2013Record setting temps signal the arrival of... climate change
Mar. 26, 2013Kitzhaber, Inslee call on White House for “strongest possible” review of coal export risks
Mar. 06, 2013Blumenauer: "You are here at a critical time."
Feb. 18, 2013Bill McKibben: "We gotta keep that coal in the ground."
Feb. 11, 2013Renewable energy gold rush
Jan. 30, 2013Chris Gregoire: Secretary of the Interior?
Sep. 10, 2012Mult. Co. Chair Jeff Cogen raises the alarm against coal exports, directs Multnomah County health and emergency staff to take action
Jul. 26, 2012What do we call asking non-voters what they'd vote for?
Jul. 18, 2012Merkley: Global impacts of coal exports can't be ignored
Jul. 05, 2012Coal trains wreck their way through the Northwest
Jun. 20, 2012Will Speaker Boehner serve sausage with a poison pill?
Mar. 11, 2012Ron Wyden fights for consumers & environment on Keystone XL
Nov. 12, 2011Obama delivers huge defeat to big oil by halting Keystone XL Canadian tarsands oil export pipeline
Mar. 15, 2006How do you say "too close to call in" Spanish?
Mar. 12, 2006Election Day! How do you say "hanging chad" in Spanish?

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