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Tim studied political science and public administration at the University of Oregon as well as attending Portland State University in the late 1990’s. While in college, Tim was an active student leader both in student governance, and later, university governance. After completing his master’s degree in public administration, Tim explored the field of public university fundraising at The Ohio State University as well as Oregon Health & Science University. Tim has worked at The Ohio State University, Oregon Health & Sciences University, the University of Oregon and Portland State University. Tim enjoys nonprofit work, research, fundraising, database work, sales, computers in general, the Internet, being around people, his dog, blogging, advocacy, social media, public relations, finance, budgets, strategy, tactics and coming up with new ways of doing things or looking at the world. Plus, he really likes comedies. Tim grew up in Lake Oswego and Tualatin, attending both Lakeridge and Tualatin H.S.

Tim’s father, Darrell Young, worked for the Oregon University System for nearly 20 years and Tim credits a lot of what he has learned to his father and the support of his family. Tim is the youngest of five brothers, and lives in Portland.

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