Elleanor Chin

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Elleanor was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains to one Appalachian and one immigrant parent, raised in the Midwest and moved to Oregon in 2005. She has a degree in American History and Ethnic Issues from Bryn Mawr College and her JD and MSW degrees from the University of Michigan. She has lived in all three of the states that begin with “O”. She lives in Portland with her husband and children.

After fourteen years as a commercial litigator she is working as a litigation consultant, writer and freelance troublemaker. She is on the Boards of the Oregon Chapter of the National Organization for Women and Family Forward Oregon. Unless specifically stated, the opinions published here are Elleanor's, not those of Oregon NOW or Family Forward Oregon. When not preoccupied with the infamous “work/family balance,” Elleanor enjoys reading biographies, baking yeast bread, and digging in her garden.

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