Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a citizen activist focusing on transportation, neighborhoods and civic engagement. He has served on the Portland Planning Commission since August of 2009. Chris is also a member of the Portland Bicycle Master Plan Steering Committee, the Streetcar System Plan Advisory Committeee, the Portland Streetcar Inc Board of Directors. He was a candidate for Portland City Council in 2008. His day job is with Xerox in Wilsonville, Oregon, where he is an Internet Technologist.

PublishedTitle Comments
Sep. 12, 2010Can we use Consumerism to Balance Globalism?
Jun. 03, 2010Bringing Portland City Council Agendas to Web 2.0
Jul. 23, 2007Campaigning vs. Governing
May. 04, 2007Keep Portland Portland, for the benefit of Oregon
Mar. 05, 2007Oregonian Plays Politics with Pedestrian Safety
Nov. 01, 200626-80 - The Letter Willamette Week Didn't Print
Aug. 27, 2006Did Tom Potter Just Drive the Last Nail into the Coffin of Neighborhood Planning in Portland?
Aug. 14, 2006Up Close and Personal with Oregon's Land Use System
May. 01, 2006Visualizing Portland Position # 2
Apr. 16, 2006Thank You, Emilie Boyles
Apr. 11, 2006Three Card Monty - a Lesson in Portland Politics
Apr. 10, 2006Old School Campaign Finance
Apr. 06, 2006Keeping the VOE Faith
Feb. 02, 2006Money, Money, Money

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