Randy Leonard

Born and raised in Portland, Randy Leonard was a firefighter for 25 years, a state legislator for 10 years, and has served on the Portland City Council since 2002. Says Randy, "I believe government works best when it is proactive in protecting the rights and opportunities for those who have traditionally not been invited to the table where decisions are made. I believe government is at its best when it defends the rights of those whose color, views, or sexual orientation may not be supported by the majority. I believe the greatest equalizer in Oregon is a good education." Learn more about Randy Leonard.

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Mar. 04, 2006Shining a light on PGE
Feb. 18, 2006PGE's Continuing Misinformation Campaign
Jan. 17, 2006"You've entered another dimension..."
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Dec. 03, 2005Come On, PGE, It's Not <em>That</em> Complicated
Nov. 27, 2005Hidden Treasures
Nov. 20, 2005Portland: Open for Business
Oct. 08, 2005Portland Water Bureau arrives in New Orleans
Oct. 01, 2005PortlandWaterBureau.com
Sep. 11, 2005Tears In Heaven
Sep. 10, 2005Katrina, Meet Rene'
Aug. 23, 2005Kulongoski Slaps Down Oregon Restaurant Association
Aug. 11, 2005Fire and Police Disability System Recommendations
Aug. 02, 2005How to Reduce Disability Costs
Jul. 31, 2005Just the Facts...Please!
May. 04, 2005PDC: It’s Time for a Change
Mar. 26, 2005A Seminal Moment in Portland
Mar. 06, 2005Liberty Vs Security?

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