Anne Martens

Anne Martens is a recovered attorney and former press person for Secretary of State Bill Bradbury. She landed in Oregon in 2001 after extensive legislative and issue advocacy work (on whatever topic happened to be available) in both blue and red states, as well as in that District that seems to have turned a dirty brown. She's thrilled to promote color clarity (despite a personal affection for purple) and insists that she loves Oregon but hasn't figured out why. Anne recently moved up to Washington to work for Governor Gregoire, and is shamelessly hoping that the rest of the talented Oregonians will join her up north. Just skimming the cream right off the top.

PublishedTitle Comments
Mar. 05, 2009Washington Death with Dignity Law in Effect
Mar. 12, 2008Stand By Your Man
Jan. 17, 2007KumbyObama
Oct. 31, 2006It's Your Choice
Jul. 26, 2006Father Knows Best
Jun. 10, 2006Pretty Good, For A Girl
May. 25, 2006Barefoot and Back in the Kitchen
Apr. 27, 2006Back To Reality
Apr. 26, 2006Democracy Begins At Home
Apr. 01, 2006You Can't Say That In Public!
Mar. 24, 2006Disclaimer
Mar. 21, 2006Brown Is The New Black
Jan. 24, 2006Self-Serve
Jan. 06, 2006If it ain't broke, don't fix it
Dec. 08, 2005All I Want for Christmas...
Sep. 24, 2005Roe v. Roberts
Sep. 20, 2005Can I See Your ID?
Jun. 14, 2005A Multi-Faceted Technicolor Dream
Jun. 03, 2005Defensive Democracy
Apr. 28, 2005Citizenship for Jesus
Mar. 29, 2005Lord Have Mercy
Mar. 10, 2005Readership Up Among Republicans
Mar. 07, 2005Republicans Gone Wild
Mar. 07, 2005How to Win Statewide
Jan. 27, 2005Pundit Payola
Dec. 22, 2004The Stupidity Tax
Nov. 17, 2004An Open Letter to Lars Larson
Nov. 10, 2004Off Message
Nov. 08, 2004Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
Aug. 13, 2004The Oregon Constitution - New and Improved!
Aug. 12, 2004Gay Governor
Aug. 03, 2004Be Very Afraid
Jul. 30, 2004Party People
Jul. 29, 2004You Know You Make Me Wanna (Shout!)
Jul. 29, 2004Rules of Attraction
Jul. 28, 2004I Heart Pro-Choice People
Jul. 27, 2004Justice for All
Jul. 26, 2004We Will R*ck You
Jul. 25, 2004Hottest Ticket in Town

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