Albert Kaufman

Albert Kaufman is an activist, writer, and social-networking tutor for individuals and small businesses. His blog is located at

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Feb. 20, 2018Yes, of course - Pass House Bill 4145 Democratically Run Oregon Senate
Sep. 30, 2017$6,000 Oregon Tax Credit for installing solar is ending at the end of 2017
Dec. 14, 2016An Open Letter to the Electors
Sep. 26, 2016This year's Oregon Ballot Initiatives - Your Thoughts?
Nov. 16, 2014Measure 92 - November 18th Deadline for Contested Ballots
Oct. 29, 2014I'm all about that Face, bout that Face, No Twitter!
Oct. 09, 2014Register to Vote Online in Oregon Now!
Aug. 15, 2014The Oregon Airspace Initiative & Visiting F-18s - Are We Overarmed?
Dec. 28, 2013What effect is the Tea-Party trend of the Oregonian having on us?
May. 04, 2013I'm voting NO on fluoridating Portland's precious, clean, tasty water. Here's why
Mar. 22, 2013It's time to take a bold stand on guns
Nov. 06, 2012Go To An Election Night Party Tonight
Oct. 21, 2012Vote Yes on Measure 80
Jun. 16, 2012Happy Gay Pride Weekend!
Jan. 21, 2012100 Year Weather Event?
Dec. 23, 2011State of This Oregon Progressive December 2011
Feb. 11, 2011SB 525 opt-in for phonebooks in Oregon
Oct. 22, 2010to the pages, people!
Jun. 10, 2010The Oregonian - some thoughts
Dec. 24, 2009Candidates running for Portland City Council who are seeking public funding
Oct. 16, 2009Congratulations Rep. Jules Bailey - OLCV People's Choice Award Winner
Jul. 08, 2009Oregon: Grass Seed & Christmas Trees - Oregon's #1 & 2 crops - can we do better?
Apr. 24, 2009The end of the phonebook
Mar. 10, 2009Report back on lobbying trip to DC for Americans for UNFPA
Jan. 22, 2009How we communicate and who we are
Dec. 30, 2008Portland 3000
Oct. 28, 2008It's Time to elect Jeff Merkley to the US Senate
Sep. 15, 2008The Eugene Celebration: Activists at work!
Jul. 29, 20086 Coffeestores Closing in Portland area
Jun. 03, 2008Planting food, fruit and nut trees - not grass
Mar. 22, 2008Mendoza, Argentina - March 22, 2008
Dec. 31, 2007Send $50 to a good cause today - last day of 2007!
Nov. 25, 2007It's time for a US Societal Re-education Campaign
Sep. 21, 2007Can't wait till 2009 - How about a list of bars that are switching over early?
Aug. 24, 2007Why I leave town this time of year....
Jul. 22, 2007Oregon's new billboards - just awful - can we do something?
Jul. 04, 2007Billboards, Portland, 4th of July, Billboards
Jun. 20, 2007Open Thread - What's going on out there?
May. 24, 2007City Repair’s Village Building Convergence 7 – VBC 7 is NOW!
May. 11, 2007Final message as Beaumont-Wilshire President
Apr. 18, 2007Gun Control: It's time for Oregon to Take the Lead
Mar. 14, 2007Beaumont Wilshire President's message
Jan. 18, 2007President's Message to the Beaumont Wilshire n'hood
Nov. 15, 2006My message to the community - election day posting
Sep. 21, 2006International Day of Peace - September 21st, Forever
Sep. 12, 2006Neighborhood Newsletters
Apr. 21, 2006Happy Earth Day!
Apr. 12, 2006Removing Gordon Smith in 2008
Sep. 26, 2005Photos of a flight over the Gorge and Mt. Hood on a sunny day in September
Jul. 20, 2005Our world cannot afford President Bush at this time

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