Candidates running for Portland City Council who are seeking public funding

Albert Kaufman

5 dollar bill Happy Holidays and here is who's running for Portland City council and striving to qualify for public funding. All of the people running so far who are seeking public funding are running for Dan Salzman's seat.

I don't understand why no one has filed against Nick Fish, but perhaps more (maybe Fred Stewart?) will run against the junior member of the Council.

If you believe that publicly-funded elections are the way to go, then please get yourself the correct (triplicate form) from one of these fine candidates and send/give them your $5 contribution with the form.

Spencer Burton:

Jessee Cornett:

Ed Garren:

Jason Renaud:

Mary Volm:

I've listed the websites in this fashion so folks can easily cut and paste this information and inform their friends about this opportunity to support these candidates' efforts, and publicly-financed elections! I know how hard it is to campaign for public office, thanks to all those who put themselves out there.

Full Disclosure: I'm helping Spencer Burton with some social-networking for his campaign.

Happy holidays, everyone in the BlueOregon community, Albert

PS - if any of the candidates mentioned would like to include other information than what I've listed here, please add that to the comments section.

  • Ed Garren (unverified)

    The joys of updating information on the state web site and then NOT having the update "take."

    The contact info for my campaign is: WWW.EDFORPDX.COM

    [email protected] (503) 922-1892

    Basically, I'm very disappointed in a political status quo that continues to ignore skyrocketing unemployment, excessive force and racial profiling, and the ever growing challenges that are occurring in our community.

    We cannot continue with the same "ignore it till it goes away" mentality with regard to diversity, community relations, homelessness, affordable housing, and our inexcusable drop out rate.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    Regards, Ed Garren

  • Mary Volm (unverified)

    Thank you so much, Albert and Blue Oregon for getting this information out about us. It will hopefully encourage more participation and questions about the direction the City of Portland is headed and what we all want to see for this City in the future.

    The seat we are running for is held by a 12-year incumbent that comes from a very wealthy Portland family. This is why public financing is so important to all of the challengers, giving us the opportunity to bring our good ideas to the public we want to serve and have a meaningful dialog about the issues.

    Public Financing will be in front of the voters this November and hopefully we will be able to continue this equalizing program for candidates in the future.

    After 20 years working as a public servant for the City of Portland, I am extremely concerned about the lack of attention to the delivery of municipal services. Maintaining the citizens billions of dollars of investment in their streets, sewers, water, parks and many other facilities is the City's primary responsibility, yet without the proper maintenance, replacement will be necessary at a cost five to six times higher than maintenance costs.

    Also, as the nation slowly emerges from a dark and heartbreaking depression, Portland is not yet poised to take advantage of this recovery. My years of experience in business development, expansion and retention will help the City create an environment that is conclusive to job creation.

    Many more issues need attention as well and I encourage you to visit my website for more information or schedule a coffee with me.

    Thanks again Blue Oregon.

  • mac mccown (unverified)

    is a resident of clackamas county, outside the city limits of portland, counted on the petitions? just wondering ...

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    I think if you can vote in Portland City elections--if your ballot has commissioner elections on it normally--then you can. Otherwise you gotta figure not.

    I hope the current applicants will be wise about their collection and expenditure habits. You know people are watching, and frankly it says a lot about a candidate's fitness if they can handle those tasks properly. (Amanda Fritz made it clear she had her shit together and was not simply a loud voice at neighborhood meetings, for example.) Considering the lack of vast animosity to public financing so far, if this one goes smoothly I think the vote to retain it will pass.

  • Bob Tiernan (unverified)

    Albert Kaufman:

    I don't understand why no one has filed against Nick Fish

    Bob T:

    I hope someone does. Under some circumstances Fish would have voted to give multi-millionaire Paulson tax money and various breaks so he could get richer by having a stadium built for him. There are no circumstances for doing anything other than not getting in an owner's way so long as he doesn't use force or fraud to find a place and pay for his own stadium. Perhaps Fish had been trying to work out a deal to get some Section 8 housing near the stadium, as if that would really mean anything.

    Amanda Fritz is the only one of the five who's probably a NO vote from the start.

    Bob Tiernan Portland

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    Thanks for the post Albert. As a Blue Oregon founder, past editor and co-longest time contributor, I understand how important of a vehicle this website is to getting the word out within the progressive community. I look forward to having a "why I'm running piece in the coming weeks." Kari reminded me this week that it's standard procedure to place Blue Oregon contributors actively running for office into an inactive status during the campaign so I won't post a lot more on here during the primary.

    I will have a website live sometime this weekend at If folks have questions and want to get in touch, email me at campaign at jesse cornett dot com

    Why am I running? I share frustrations with many Portland voters about the way things have been going in City Hall. The priorities are all wrong. From failing to focus on jobs during the worst economic crisis of my lifetime, to not demanding accountability within every city bureau, City Hall is failing us. If you agree we need change, you can't keep doing the same thing and electing the same leaders.

    Check out the website when it's done and sign up to follow me on the facebook page

    While I am in the contribution gathering phase, we'll be rolling out a host of policy initiatives in the coming days and weeks. From a jobs strategy, to how Portland can better partner with education and a variety of policy areas in between, my campaign will provide plenty of information. And remember, there are a lot of good ideas that have existed in Portland as solutions to our current problems yet we've lacked the political courage to implement them. That's where I'm different. I will push back against interests who represent themselves to the detriment of those who elect me.

    If you would like to contribute $5 to help me qualify for public financing, send me an email to campaign at jessecornett dot com. I've been humbled by the outpouring of support since I first announced my run less than a week ago. I would appreciate your help!

  • Cafe Today (unverified)

    My years of experience in business development, expansion and retention will help the City create an environment that is conclusive to job creation.

    I think you're looking for a different word there.

  • Carlita A. Verdugo (unverified)

    Posted by: Jesse Cornett | Dec 25, 2009 9:31:41 AM

    Thanks for the post Albert. As a Blue Oregon founder, past editor and co-longest time contributor

    I have a question, Jesse.

    At lot of folks feel like the Council is a elite cabal, that they don't listen to average Portlanders. Many feel that they sniff at our petty complaints for grander schemes that only the elite few can understand. Frankly, we're tired of being told when we're too sensitive, when we should react, when we don't get it, when we're whining... Never feel like the content matters, just the form.

    So, as a founder of this blog, some of the latest developments in BO practices aren't encouraging vis a vis that consideration. At least 3 regular contributors seem to "post and run", personal vendettas are allowed and encouraged, and style trumps substance in every case. Eg: From Facebook: Carla Axtman The whiners are out in force today. #blueoregon December 19 at 1:03pm via Twitter 2 people like this.

    Kristin Teigen ?? December 19 at 1:20pm

    Carla Axtman Kristin: The people griping in comments at Blue Oregon are tedious as hell. There are a number of people who either have waaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands, walk around in paper-thin skin or measures of both. Good grief. December 19 at 1:36pm

    Kristin Teigen oh, yeah that -- agreed. I'm beginning to like the strategy of just posting something and then letting it go...realizing that the comments aren't going to make or break an idea... December 19 at 1:42pm

    Miles Vorkosigan See Zarathustra whine. Whine, Zarathustra, whine. December 19 at 1:49pm

    Is this how you would run the city? It's a sterling example of what people don't like about how the city is run now. Why should we see your candidacy as hope for change? Doesn't Kristin's sentiments come closer to capturing Sam Speak better than anyone at Willy Week has, to date?

    I'm beginning to like the strategy of just posting something and then letting it go...realizing that the comments aren't going to make or break an idea...

    That should be the theme of Sam's re-election campaign!!! And the #1 thing people hate about the Council.

    Bottom line, association with Blue Oregon makes you look like more of the same. At best, loose cannons on deck still don't speak to management skills. At worse... well, I guess we know how that thinking goes. Hope this doesn't come across as "whining", which definition hear seems to be "suggesting contradiction, hypocrisy or fraud". Hopefully "asking about" can still be neutral!

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    I sure wish I ran Blue Oregon. Now that would be neat. But you see, to get a site like this, it has to run itself (which isn't to say Kari and others don't to a lot of work to make it greate). Editors (which I have not been for over two years) and contributors (which I remained until I decided to run) are given wide discretion. If contributors want to share their position that commenters are whiny, that's fair game. You see, they're not City Council. They're just citizens, just like you.

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    Thanks for the posting--I've been collecting donations for Jesse Cornett. I have to say, though, that the whole process is something of a pain.

    1) No internet donations. This has dissuaded a lot of people.

    2) No credit cards. Strike two.

    3) All the paperwork is a pain!

    I'm still getting some donations together for someone who I think would be great on Council, but for a new person to this process, I find the qualification system needlessly complicated.

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    Hi Paul, this posting led to me donating to Jesse at a party the other night - someone had a form handy, and made it really easy for me. I wonder if getting those forms out and handy - say, at libraries, and then having a listing of all of the candidates' addresses - anyone want to compile that? might make it easier for candidates to gather the required signatures/contributions.

  • Local Guy (unverified)

    1) No internet donations. This has dissuaded a lot of people.

    2) No credit cards. Strike two.

    3) All the paperwork is a pain!

    So, why doesn't someone incorporate and provide financial services for these candidates?

  • Brig. Peri Brown, Purity Troll Brigade (unverified)

    "Local", I imagine the margin would be pretty slim. Still, it would be a reasonable side line biz for those in the signature gathering industry that were real about the process, methinks.


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