Chris Bouneff

Chris Bouneff is a native east-sider of Portland. He started his professional life as a newspaper reporter in California covering the U.S. Navy and its advanced aircraft weapons systems. He worked in Idaho covering public policy and enterprise stories before making the shift into media relations. After 12 years living in exile, he returned to Portland and resettled on the east side, where he continues his lifelong suspicion of anything west of the Willamette River.

September 17, 2012Something I'd Like to Vote For
October 17, 2011A tip of the legislative hat
July 11, 2010Please, Not Another Monument
June 22, 2010Thank you Big O
May 30, 2010The Language of Illness
April 29, 2010Dying of neglect in Oregon
August 07, 2009Ah, now I see....
February 23, 2009When trust is broken
March 27, 2008Now this is funny
March 04, 2008At least I get a coupon
June 10, 2007For Sheila H., Hope All Is Well Out East
October 28, 2006My Brush With Ron
October 03, 2006But is it ethical?
April 27, 2006Some Considerations, Please
February 24, 2006An Open Letter to Steve Patterson
January 19, 2006Slumbering Through Salem
September 14, 2005My Favorite Amendment
June 14, 2005Parity, Not Parody
April 25, 2005What's a Little Confusion Among Friends?
April 02, 2005They're Kidding, Right?
March 08, 2005Another School Down
November 04, 2004Reconciliation, the 48-Hour Sale
November 02, 2004Some Good News, Possibly
October 27, 2004The O Disappoints Again
August 16, 2004Crowd? What Crowd?
July 29, 2004Al's the Man
July 19, 2004The Beginning

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