Kristin Flickinger

After losing her election for 8th Grade Treasurer to “Donald Duck,” Kristin redoubled her efforts to be a political force. Raised in Idaho, she came to Oregon for college and never really left. She received a business degree from Lewis and Clark and a law degree from Willamette, preparing her to work on legal opinions for state and county government; fight to keep discrimination out of Oregon’s Constitution, legislature, and local governments; battle against the double majority to bring adequate funding to schools; and ask strangers for money.

PublishedTitle Comments
Feb. 02, 2011Asking and Telling
May. 11, 2010Short-haired justice
May. 10, 2010Why I'm Voting for Karol Collymore
Nov. 03, 2008Third Time's the Charm: Why I'm Worried About Karl Rove...Again
Feb. 02, 2008I'm Your Neighbor
Jan. 04, 2008Temporary
May. 15, 2007Clock In for Equality
May. 03, 2007Domestic Tranquility
Apr. 30, 2007"Civil Unions?" Never Heard of 'em.
Apr. 13, 2007Three-Fifths
Apr. 09, 2007What's in a Name? Domestic Partnerships: The New Civil Unions?
Mar. 02, 2007The GLBT Caucus Endorses Meredith Wood Smith
Oct. 30, 2006My Measure 42 Conspiracy Theory

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