Nick Engelfried

Nick Engelfried is a freelance writer and progressive activist with a special penchant for environmental and energy issues. A proud member of Oregon’s increasingly large and vibrant youth climate movement, Nick graduated from Pacific University in 2009, and now spends the majority of his time facilitating college campus involvement in the big issues that will determine the course of Oregon's energy future. Nick’s current priority projects include fighting to protect our state from liquefied natural gas development, and to transition Oregon away from its unhealthy reliance on coal-generated electricity.

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November 11, 2010Close the Boardman Coal 2011?
October 24, 2010Merkley Criticizes Tar Sands Oil Pipeline
October 07, 2010Actually, PGE Did Break the Law (And What You Can Do About It)
October 03, 2010From Portland to Medford, Oregon Speaks Out Against Boardman Coal Plant Pollution
September 26, 2010In Corvallis, a Community Takes Steps to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels
August 28, 2010PGE Tries to Fool Oregonians, Holds Columbia Gorge Hostage
August 17, 2010Giving the Push for Clean Energy an Artistic Spin
July 23, 2010One Sure Path to Clean Energy (and Clean Tech Jobs) in Oregon
July 07, 2010Palomar LNG Pipeline Indefinitely Delayed
June 25, 2010Boardman Coal Plant the Hot Topic at Public Hearing
June 21, 2010PGE's Coal Plant Plan Meets Reality
June 11, 2010Wyden and Merkley Stand Up for Climate Science
May 31, 2010Now is the Time to Move Oregon Beyond Coal
May 27, 2010No Rest for No-LNG Activists: Organizers Target NW Natural Gas
May 21, 2010Clatsop County Election a Defeat for LNG
May 07, 2010Grassroots Organizing and the Defeat of Bradwood LNG

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