Paulie Brading

Paulie Brading is a retired school administrator and teacher. She's been a teaching fellow at Harvard University, an adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark College, and the president of Northwest Women in Education. An active Democrat, she's presently the Chair of the Jackson County Democrats.

PublishedTitle Comments
Feb. 09, 2013Let's not be hasty in writing Hillary off
Feb. 04, 2013New Oregon Republican Chair
Dec. 18, 2012Dear Representative Richardson and his reply
Nov. 09, 2012We don't want to get there last!
Nov. 04, 2012It ain't Mittens!
Oct. 30, 2012Responding to Idiocy and Flapdoodle
Oct. 19, 2012Crossing Party Lines
Sep. 01, 2012Jumping the Ship on Ryan's Budget
Aug. 30, 2012Paul Ryan Coming to Oregon
Aug. 21, 2012That feeling of Dread: The Republican War on Women
Jul. 25, 2012Today's Senate Victory for Dems & Anglo-Saxon Problems
Jul. 08, 2012Spat inside the Oregon Republican Party
Jul. 01, 2012The Next President - the Choice is Yours
Jun. 28, 2012Sen. Edward M. Kennedy finally at Peace
Jun. 21, 2012High-stakes Showdown between JPR and SOU
May. 21, 2012Jeff Scroggin headed for November general election
May. 16, 2012Jackson County Elects First Woman D.A.
May. 11, 2012Dennis Richardson: Oregon's Scott Walker
Mar. 24, 2012We got to get a bat to swing at Obama
Feb. 21, 2012Rick Santorum, just zip your mouth!
Feb. 20, 2012For Republicans, the Glass is Half Empty
Feb. 16, 2012The Year of Women Voters
Feb. 09, 2012 Turning Back the Clock
Jan. 11, 2012Don't let the door hit you....
Jan. 04, 2012Big Lies Repeated Over and Over
Dec. 30, 2011The Tea Party is Losing Steam - Happy New Year!
Dec. 15, 2011Wyden's Twist on Medicare
Sep. 17, 2011A not-so-puzzling race for District Attorney in Jackson County
Aug. 22, 2011Democrats Gather in Jacksonville
Aug. 01, 2011Debt Deal Reached
Jul. 24, 2011Universally disgusted with debt ceiling insanity
Jun. 10, 2011Public Education Front and Center
May. 20, 201180 Strong!
Apr. 15, 2011Oregon School Budgets Up in the Air
Apr. 05, 2011More of the Same? Lets Hope Not!
Mar. 22, 2011March Madness
Feb. 20, 2011Dear State Senators and Representatives
Feb. 13, 2011Public Education in Oregon: Leaner Rations, Higher Expectations
Jan. 31, 2011Governor To Unveil Budget February 1st
Jan. 12, 2011Pressure Valve Opened
Jan. 08, 2011Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in Arizona
Dec. 28, 2010The Secret of a Good Life
Dec. 12, 2010Not Business as Usual
Nov. 27, 2010The movie - "Inside Job"
Nov. 18, 2010Rabid Dog Media
Nov. 10, 2010Targeting Social Security, Retirement Age and Medicare
Oct. 29, 2010Follow the Money
Oct. 26, 2010With Sincere Apologies to my PDX/Metro Friends
Oct. 26, 2010It's Senator Jeff Merkley Calling
Oct. 22, 2010Greg Walden, Sal Esquivel, and Sal's little tax problem

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