Jeff Scroggin headed for November general election

Paulie Brading

Jeff Scroggin, chief of staff for D- State Senator Alan Bates saw a dramatic lead for the Democratic nomination for Jackson County commisioner Position 2. Scroggin's significant lead was well over 60% as of 2:00 AM May 16, 2012. The race drew seven candidates - four Republicans and three Democrats.

Scroggin will go up against Doug Breidenthal, current chair of the Jackson County Republicans. Briendenthal is endorsed by Dave Hunnicut from Oregonians In Action along with Rep. Sal Esquivel both of whom were surprised two local land-use measures went down in defeat. The first measure asked the question: Should County Charter be ammended to declare a county policy in general opposition to statewide land-use planning? The second measure asked the question: Should County Charter be ammended to implement new policy limiting local land-use regulations and establishing a compension process?

Breidenthal probably wasn't delighted when he was greeted with the news the next morning that both land-use measures took a hard thumping by Jackson County voters. The voters made it clear that along with other counties in Oregon, Jackson County must comply with statewide land-use laws. One of Oregon's land-use laws is commonly referred to as "Measure 37". Measure 37 regulates land-use waivers from state and local governments granted to land owners.

Brieidenthal supports local control of land-use.

Jeff Scroggin is in his early 30's. He was responsible for a major part of Southern Oregon for John Kitzhaber's campaign prior to becoming State Senator Bates chief of staff. Everyone of us who worked on the Kitzhaber campaign had high praise for Jeff's organizational skills and his personable manner. Throw in being wicked smart and you get Jeff Scroggin.

Keep your eye on this race. Jeff Scroggin has a real future in statewide Oregon politics and Senator Bates proved he was insightful by selecting Jeff as his chief of staff.

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